About me.

A rap., my name's jennyy (: && i don't really know what to say, my mind's kinda at a blank for words today. Im sitting here, in mid- writers block,but, i guess i'll try to talk, to say something worth, both our time && for some reason, i decided to rhyme. Go ahead, you can proclaim, that i'm lame, i won't try to disclaim that exclaim, i wont argue with you, but it's not always true, i can walk like a Gee, but saying that probably, just demoted me, from my high Pimpin place, to a slap in the face, and The Way That I Am, is up on repeat, and it's background beat, is up in my head, how bout i shuffle & put, Chelsea Grin on instead? Or ADTR just something far, from the genre of rap, cause i sounds like crap, & i should just stop with this slop, cause i suck more, than a fucking traffic cop.

((t took me about 30 minutes to comee up with that))