Snoring when laughing can be downright cute, amirite?

I find people who randomly fall asleep while laughing kind of strange, actually.

It's extremely frustrating when you want to say something in a foreign language but you don't know the words, so you have to try to find another way to say it using words you do know, amirite?

I once forgot how to say "toes" in French, so I said "foot fingers" instead.

Guys: You sleep without a shirt on, amirite?

I like where this is going hello smilie

You wanna stop talkin to someone when they cuss after every word. amirite?

I fucking agree with you completely. It annoys the shit out of me when a son of a bitch fucking cusses all the time. Makes them look like a real asshole.

For all you know you could be drinking water that has once come into contact with King Henry VIII’s scrotum while he was taking a bath, amirite?

Thank you. The one thing missing from my day was the knowledge that my drinking water was once King Henry VIII's scrotum water. God bless you.

It's sort of weird that there are 3,000 fanfictions about the Bible online, amirite?

One of which ships Jesus with Hitler. I shit you not.

Abortion should be legal, amirite?

I'm just going to add my two cents as if people care:
Many people are against abortion because it's killing a life. Well, picking weeds out of your garden is killing life too. Killing mosquitoes is killing a life too. In the time period that an abortion is permitted, the fetus is not yet aware. It cannot be classified as a human being yet, because it wouldn't be able to survive outside its mother's womb.

I think that an abortion needs to be thought through very carefully, but I think that, ultimately, the choice is up to the mother.

It's really attractive when people scrunch their lips together when taking a picture. More people should pose like that. amirite?

Now you're just somebody that I used to know </3

omgg i'm so uuugggllly

Facebook in a nutshell.

face down ass up, thats the way we like to fuck! amirite?

Wow this post is deep...

Pun intended.

Some trees are even more beautiful dead than alive, amirite?

This concept also rings true with certain people.

If you knew the world were actually going to end this December, you have something that you would absolutely need to accomplish by then. amirite?

Tell a bunch of people to fuck off.

The term racist tends to be abused very often. amirite?

"I don't like black licorice."

I asked my 6 year old brother what he would think if he saw two boys holding hands. He said: "Some people would think it's weird, but I don't. I like to hold hands with cats- I think that if you love something you can hold it's hand." We're on to a winner, amirite?

I think that the love you were getting at is not the kind of love you want your brother to have for a cat.

Cinna would dominate Project Runway, amirite?
@Montana I love you for this.

Let me express my gratitude in pickup lines. (I'm a girl, so don't let this get weird or whatever)

Effie: Mahogany isn't the only wood I like.

Seneca: I may be head gamemaker but I won't be playing any games with your heart.

When we get together, even the birds will stop to listen.

Are you morphling? 'Cause I'm getting high on you.

:) none are original.

Before he learned he was a demigod, you wonder why Percy Jackson didn't realize something was up when he took showers and didn't get wet, amirite?
@wobbuffet Don't really care about this series but Logan Lerman is hot

I actually like the series, but you're right. Who cares about the shower debate when you can look at that face?