Maybe if "nice guys" didn't bitch and moan all the time about girls not paying attention to them, girls would actually pay attention to them. amirite?

If you're always going on about what a nice guy you ate, chances are you're not a nice guy.

Somewhere, a devout cat lover has walked into a Catholic meeting and promptly realized he had misread the sign, amirite?

Did you just have this ready to go or...

If the time machine is supposed to be invented in the future,we would already have it,amirite?

Ask Stephen Hawking. Yeah why don't I just send him a text real

It's mind-blowing how people willingly get tattoos you wouldn't get for a million dollars, amirite?
A future full of adults who were never properly disciplined as children, and who were given trophies for simply participating in events in school, sounds like something out of a dystopian terror film, amirite?
@AdonisBatheus Haha, no. No, not at all. Not in any way.

Omg..we just need to stop babying people. We shouldnt be giving participation awards, instead we should be teaching kids to give 110% to everything they do. And if you dont win you dont get a trophy. We should be teaching them the value of hardwork and never giving up instead of taking the easy way out and giving kids things for trying. Trying isnt always going to be enough.

SEPTember=7 OCTober=8 NOVember=9 DECember=10 Your mind is blown, amirite?

I guess it's true what they say about people learning at different speeds..

You're happy with your life, amirite?
Amirite have some very weird advertisements, amirite?
You don't see the point in making a big deal with the dentist. If you just lie back and let them get on with it, there can be less pain than if you struggle and wince. amirite?

Replace dentist with rapist

The "Amirite isn't for you to upload funny cat pictures" clause in the Upload Image section was clearly made for Favvkes, amirite?

Anthony should've put her name by it in parenthesis..

Everyone talks about how FDR was a great president, but what they fail to realize is that in many aspects, he trampled the Constitution. He grossly abused the necessary and proper and interstate commerce clauses to further his own economic power, and when met with firm opposition from the Supreme court, he threatened to increase the number of justices to pack it with socialists until they gave him his way. It was then that the Constitution died in America, amirite?

And in summation, he was a boss.

My parents knew each other for 1 month, dated for 2 weeks, and have been married for 20 years. You just never know when two people are meant to be together. So society should just shut it when it comes to setting rules on how long two people should wait before getting married. Let the two partners figure it out for themselves. amirite?
If a girl doesn't put out, she should have to pay you back for the dinner and movie, amirite?

If she puts out cause you bought her dinner thats prostitution.

Life is like a bowl of soup; you only get blown if you’re hot, amirite?
@Favvkes aaand both can have cats in them

Your ability to find cat pictures for EVERY situation is kinda scary..