Seeing as there's so much poverty in the world, it's crazy to think that the person who may be able to discover a cure for cancer and other diseases is out there but just can't fund their education, amirite?

The ability to find a cure for cancer isn't genetic, it's basically a first world privilege. If Albert Einstein was born and raised in impoverished Ethiopia for the first 20 years of his life and then shipped off to Harvard, he would never become the great physicist he became, despite his genetic gifts.

What would you like to do on a first date?

When I eat, I don't talk- I just really like to put all of my attention toward my food. When I watch a movie, I don't talk. I really detest physical activity too, but hiking seemed like the best option. I've never been on a real first date. It's always me and the guy become friends, then we have a bunch of sexual tension, then we do it, then we either end up dating or not friends anymore. I've never done it in the proper order.

The support of something should not be the degradation of the opposite.
@KickAss Only if you're gay

Shut up. Gay people are awesome, all straight people suck

What form of government floats your boat? Comment for other if you wish.
You've been in love before, amirite?
There's only one race. That is the human race. People made up races. It's a way to divide. A way to emphasize differences. A way to feel superior over another. A way to get power.
Saying that atheism is a religion is like saying that not collecting stamps is a hobby, amirite?

My favorite color is clear.

Birthdays would be a lot scarier yet more meaningful if that was the only day you could die, amirite?

smirk smilie i smile every time i see this post because there's a few of my words in in cool smilie

Clearly we have lots of problems with animal abuse and gun rights in the U.S. Clearly the answer is to give all guns to the animals for their own protection. amirite?
You can't just pick ONE favorite book or movie, amirite?

Twilight New Moon. For both.

A relationship isn't a test, so you shouldn't cheat.

because its okay to cheat on tests...

Think about a situation. Now, ask yourself if that situation would be better with a duck. The answer to that question is yes, amirite?
With the exception of rape or incest, I don't think underage girls should be allowed to abort a pregnancy because they're too young to understand the consequences of their actions. If they don't want the child, they should give it up for adoption.
@Frank_n_Furter LOL you realize that adoption is a consequence to their actions they would have to chose, no?

Basically what you've just said is: "They're too young to make their own decisions. But not really, because they should make this decision. I just don't like abortion."

Keep scrolling, I got nothin.

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Sounds about right.