If you go 20 years into the future to meet your old self, you would find out that you've been missing for 20 years, amirite?
@DrFetusRN Not if you went back afterwards...

how will you see yourself after you've come back

If Superbowl ads are an indicator of trends for the future, we will all be driving electric cars purchased with crypto while holding a seltzer beer really soon. amirite?

heh, no thanks

Of all the potential mechanisms to open and close a food container, a metal zipper and fly or buttoning it up along button holes are ones that would never be considered. amirite?

I would so put my penis in that butthole lid.. So many reasons to not have a butthole lid..

Finding your glasses in the morning without dropping/breaking anything is Good Morning in every essence. amirite?
@Coeurdemonstre1 do people not put their glasses under their pillow?

I used to, but it would get dust all over it and even bent sometimes

if the odds of there being an armed maniac are high for any given location. then the odds of there being two armed mainiacs are stupendously high. Always carry a gun. It's safer. amirite?

I think you're the armed maniac man.

Yоu саn аdd lаnguаgеs tо yоur kеybоаrd thаt shаrе еnglish lеttеrs аnd mix thе twо kеybоаrds in diffеrеnt wоrds tо byраss thе аutо-mоdеrаtоr bоt's cеnsоrs. amirite?

Won't fool me.

Our solar system is the same as the oxygen atom, once large centre energy source with 8 orbiting smaller ones, amirite?

Except oxygen only has 2 electron shells and they also dont orbit anything like planets do

It would actually be good for the world if a lot of humanity were to die off. amirite?

bill gates has entered the chat

Once you realize how often people make mistakes, it's pretty bewildering how many things actually work, amirite?
@Mcgee0 This is basically my hypothesis as to why conspiracy theories are all bunk

Otoh the Manhattan project was largely kept a secret, at least for most of the duration of the war.

Respecting your elders only made sense in the past when people had to be smart, wise, and talented enough to survive into old age. amirite?
You really feel the shortness of February when rent is due. amirite?

I made it a habit to pay all my bills on the first of the month.

Otherwise, there is a rather large chance of me forgetting to do it later in the month.

And today is the first, so its time to pay the bills in a few hours.

If it takes 200 mosquitos to take the blood out of an average human finger, it takes about 1000 to un-erect the average penis, amirite?

Bold of you to assume I have an average penis

A lot of Jedi duels would end quicker if somebody used the Force to pants their opponent, give them a wedgie, or just pull their robes over their heads. amirite?

Theoretically Jedi have a force wall. It is very hard to use the force against another force sensitive being unless they are extremely weak (like Obi Wan who made up for it in hard work). This is why duels never end with who can withstand a force choke the longest.

There'd be a lot less animals in the world if everyone was vegan. amirite?
@Mihneacuzino What would we do with all of the cows, pigs , chickens etc if everyone went vegan?

Exactly, they wouldn't be bvred for food so they'd have to live wild in much smaller numbers.

The world as it was before the turn of the century seems so much more classy and dignified than what we've had the last twenty two years. amirite?

Maybe in terms of presidential debates, but not in general. If anything we were less tolerant and more crass. Many comedians/artists/movies/etc couldn't exist today