People that travel the world, probably haven't travelled their own neighborhoods thoroughly. amirite?

Trust me, I wander my neighborhood all the time. Every neighborhood i ever lived in all i do the first month im there is walk places so i can learn where things are, and because i don't know anybody.

Strip clubs are human petting zoos, amirite?

And i wish i couldn't read

There is no blinking in anime and cartoons. Just wincing, winking, etc. But no actual blinking. amirite?

I think they blink in Gumball too

With life cycles, we've likely eaten the exact same food once or twice over our lifetime... Mmmmmm Recycled sustenance! amirite?

Better think that the water you drink may have been sometime the piss of someone

The most exciting day of a carnival fish's life is the day it leaves, amirite?

So the day it dies?

Guns are used as a decoy to avoid talking about mental health, because they know that conversation will take down the trans movement which is a mental disorder, amirite?
@Oomango No, I learn more towards removing the problem from our collective gene pool. Don't care much about treating them.

Ok, so you don't care about mental health either. You're just an asshole.

Also, "removing the problem from the gene pool" is a legitimate threat. You are a potential violent criminal.

Cold coffee is the only thing that, when delivered hot, upsets us. am I rite?

Mmm, nice hot lemonade would be refreshing

People have a problem with peeing in the pool, but they don't seem to care that each person in the pool represents a butthole that is currently in contact with the water. amirite?
@Framie1 I'm here to represent my butthole.

Aren't we all, really when it comes down to it?

If the Amazon's on fire, how come packages are still arriving, amirite?

I'm pretty sure you're confused about this.

English people are probably the only people who exclaim the word "alright" during sex. amirite?

Imagine someone shouting " We are young we run green Keep our teeth nice and clean See our friends see the sights Feel alright" in the middle of sex.

The Dark Side of Oz is a real life example of the infinite monkey theorem. amirite?

Watching Wizard of Oz (muted) while listening to Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon is incredible.