How can we motivate a bad guy to become a good guy?

Selfishness. The fact that both of those things are subjective. Time/history.

How can we motivate a bad guy to become a good guy?
How can we motivate a bad guy to become a good guy?
What should be our first message towards ET?

"Please don't kill us."

I just want your opion. I love God, I go to church ever Sunday, Wednesday night, and I have a personal relationship with Him. Is this a website that has more Christians or aithiest?

It doesn't matter.

Is Democracy a failing system? And what can be changed (/improved) about it? Or what would you choose to replace it?

I happen to like Democracy. I don't think it's failing. The most revolutionary period of time in human history (i.e. the one that's progressed our species the furthest) has lasted about as long as Democracy has been widely implemented worldwide. I'd hardly call that failing. You should forsake your pessimism.

What does it mean to be human?

Flesh and blood, and thoughts to compose them.

Is realization based on reality or reality based on realization ?

The former.

How do we get back the neighborhood?

You don't need to. This sounds like progress, to me. You can probably due with getting more public transportation, but other than that...

Are we all complicit in perpetuating poverty?

Yeah, probably. I've never been a big fan of the "throw money at it" approach to charity, anyway.

What things/thoughts/beliefs do you accept as your self evident truths?

Bitches always be trippin'. This is truth.

What is the biggest visible and sustainable change you have ever achieved or what change are you still trying to achieve?

Becoming human. I'm like, 80% of the way there.

What made you smile today?

Your adorable photo. <3

Should we class migraine as a mental illness?

Chronic, yes, and do, though I'd be careful with the "mental" part of that. That might seem a bit arguable.

why do successful people succeed?

Because they have already succeeded, thus categorizing them as "successful." Haha, SeMantics is at it again!