Girls: you wonder where guys put their dicks when they wear skinny jeans, amirite?

guys wonder about those guys too

it would be cool to for people to comment with just one word to form a story on the comments, amirite?


Guys: You find it really hard not to tell girls the huge secret about penises that we can never let them know. amirite?
@Ross no we don't, that's a fire hazard

yeah rubbing wood together tends to start fires

Sometimes girls wish they could read guys' minds too, amirite?

All they would see is... ~pretty girl!~ ~boobs~ ~sports~ ~sex~ repeat

Guys: You jack off daily, amirite?
Guys: It's hard to look at a girl's personality when she has a nice ass and chest and very pretty face. amirite?

if anything was more right Tia would hack the site at give it 1000000

Lets see how long we can have Funny, WTF, I Like Turtles, Huh?, Unoriginal, Yeah You Are, and No Way, all the same, amirite?

it aint workin bro

Girls: A guy gets more attractive when you find out that he has a little sister. amirite?


when you were little you disliked the opposite gender because you thought your own gender was more fun, but now you realize how stupid your gender is and surround your self with the opposite, amirite?
@TicTacAddict No, I still dislike much of the opposite gender. Boys are still so immature and we're seniors for fuck's sake!

well one point id like to bring up is that alot of those guys arnt trying to grow up, once the step forward and realize life isnt all fun and games they will mature up.

"Cause all princes start as frogs
And some gentlemen as dogs
Just wait till it's plain to see
What we're growing up to be
Cause some frogs will still be frogs
Some dogs will still be dogs
But some boys can become men
Just don't kiss them till then"

A guys idea of matching is wearing the same color from pretty much head to toe, amirite?

That's not what it is?

You have an awkward moment with your teacher when your super early to class, so you fidget around with your bag or books, amirite?
@chew Yes, but it some how never gets further than "hello, how are you?"

i ask them about their lives on a personal lvl, "hows your wife?" "when did you decide to become a teacher?" "if you had a pet monkey named jim what would you name it?"

Girls: its nice to have a gay friend because then you can talk about hot guys together, amirite?

really? YOUR asking me that? really?


Amirite is slowly become cooler than MLIA, amirite?
let me get two things straight, PEOPLE AND BUGS ARE NOT ANIMALS! people aren't animals because we are way to smart and we aren't wild. Do you see us going around eating other animals? Bugs are way too small to be and animal and they're too stupid to be one, if you don't agree, then there must be something wrong with you, it's stupid to think that people and bugs are animals, amirite?

its not a troll she is right

You can't describe how to swallow, amirite?

press tongue to roof of mouth