Today my son shit up his back and my daughter asked an overweight man at the gym when he was going to have a baby. Parenthood is so rewarding. amirite?

"Today my son shit up his back..."

I'm sorry...what?

A typed 10 page, single spaced book report and a 20 page Geometry review packet is too much summer work for an eighth grader, amirite?

(Crystalblue97):Is it a spelling assignment ;)

Amy Winehouse's death is truly a tragedy. We all know she struggled with her own demons, but her music really captivated the world. Her soulful sound helped to pave the way for the modern British pop singers. You can say whatever you want for some of the life choices she made, but you cannot deny her talent. amirite?

"They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said No No No"...truly inspirational lyrics. I'm tolerant of all genres of music, but that is just pure shit.

It's stupid when people tell you not to judge others on how they look. If I see a huge black man with his hood up and his head down in a dark alley I'm gonna run the hell out of there, amirite?

So you're all saying if this big scary man with his hood up and head down was white, then it'd be ok?
Height of racism right there.

It would be awesome to ride to school on a giraffe, amirite?

Us Africans do it all the time, dontcha know?

The USA should allow Palestine it's freedom, and end the Cuban embargo, amirite?

America should stop being the world's "police man", mind its own business (namely its failing economy, which many countries rely on) and leave people to sort out their issues by themselves, amirite?

Zubat is probably eating chips right now. amirite?
You've shaved off your pubic hair at least once, amirite?
i feel really bad for the people next to Amber and Gary's apartment on teen mom who have to constantly hear their screaming, amirite?

I feel bad for American's for being subject to bullshit like that

Grammar nazis are idiots. The purpose of language is to effectively communicate. So even if somebody used the wrong 'your' or misplaced a comma, if you can understand them it shouldn't matter. Being pedantic over technicalities is pointless. Amirite?

How will anyone in life, be it work or social related, take you seriously if you can't even spell correctly?

Wow people are so obnoxious, trust me second hand smoke won't kill you, and if you don't dig the smell then move. But where do people get telling others how to live your life? If people wanna smoke then let them. Get off your self-righteous high horse

You only live once amirite?

This is way lame, amirite?

A typed 10 page, single spaced book report and a 20 page Geometry review packet is too much summer work for an eighth grader, amirite?

Simple solution: apply font size of 72.

Why do parents apologize for their screaming babies? It's not their fault! amirite?

Uh...yes it is. A baby will scream if its tired, hungry, uncomfortable etc. Its not rocket science to interpret which one it is and solve the problem. Parents take the kids out shopping for hours and then can't understand why their children cry and scream. Or on a plane, the change in air pressure makes their ears pop and they freak out. Its not that hard to understand.

The second you turn your computer off for the night, you think of an amirite post or something else you wanted to do.Amirite?

That's when you rock out the mobile version ;)