I'm missing something...

Ah yes, it certainly is wonderful to form the habit of senselessly objectifying other people at a young age for one's own self satisfaction. Definitely.

Just because they have made poor moral choices does not mean we are allowed to take their human dignity. They are people just like everyone else.

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Colbert did run in the last election.

Crocs. Just sayin'.

Either get rid of a mole, have smaller cheeks, or nicer gums.

@Fv92 I stubbed my toe before and broke it

Yeah, that happened to me yesterday. Sad day.

A close second:

Lord Henry from The Pictue of Dorian Grey. If we were real and straight, I'd tap dat.

If by "sometimes" you mean "all the time," then yes.

I'd wear this proudly.

The mysterious case of Benjamin Button...

I definitely read that wrong and thought it said something about hair growing from your butt.

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This is going with the Twilight vampire ideal, though.