Eyebrows: their only use is to catch sweat when you're working out. amirite?
You are addicted to something, amirite?

leaving dumb comments on amirite posts.

Just because someone is bisexual doesn't mean they're a whore who wants to be with a guy and girl at the same time. It just means they have the potential to fall in love with a boy or girl, amirite?
We girls will continue to take advantage of things such as "ladies first" and "you can't hit a girl" until you stop offering them, amirite?
Homophobes say that homosexuality is choice. If it's a choice, please, become gay right now, go kiss a person of your gender, watch something gay or do whatever and tell me that you were attracted to it the whole time. I bet you weren't, and if you were, you're still gay. amirite?
You always make personal phone calls on the emergency phone in the elevator, amirite?
Classes are almost done, but all the side effects of being a failure of a student are hitting you now, amirite?

Actually I'm doing really well right now...

Every white guy with a mustache has a little bit of child molester in them. amirite?

I'm gonna get one

if you think about it, gays and lesbians are good for society, cause our primal instinct tell us to mate to someone of the opposite sex, and gays/lesbians, do the opposite, ignoring there primal instinct, and, in theory evolving into a more intelligent species, so gays/lesbians could stand as a monument to how advance we are as a species. amirite?
this site just absolutely adores pokemon, amirite?

what is pokemon?

Sometimes when youre crying, or youre tired, having a friend rub your back is one of the best feelings in the world. amirite?
If God really didn't want people to be gay, he wouldn't have made them gay, amirite?
@eldorito Yes. Refute my argument. I could use a good laugh.

(eldorito):People who practice homosexuality experience higher rates of many diseases, including:

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Hepatitis A, B and C
Gay Bowel syndrome
Bacterial vaginosis

People who practice homosexuality have higher rates of:

Alcohol abuse
Drug abuse
Nicotine dependence
Domestic violence

for more visit

Rap isn't music. It's a guy talking about how hot his girlfriend is, with a beat in the background, amirite?
It doesn't make sense that in America, people can go to the army and risk their lives before they can drink. amirite?

not all states...