About me.

I play guitar. looove the book of negroes. and the great gatsby. woot woot. outdoorsmen trapped in a city girls body. :) -life changing experience at camp. cheesy shit. itd be cool to help free the children with mark keilburger. i want to go on an african trip to rebuild schools and stuff thatd be the coolest and most heart warming thing ever.
the kooks kook up my world a little. death cab for cutie, kid cudi, ratatat, kanye west, coldplay, , train, rihanna, k'naan, the fray, billy talent, hedley, MGMT, onerepublic, taylor swift and not to mention much more, the beatles, down with webster. theres a few one hit wonders for me too, like snow patrol and the bloodhound gang. i bet you can guess which ones my fave by the bloodhound gang. and probably to ruin my love for music, i like justin bieber. what? hes hot. dont be ashamed. i wont talk about him unless you mention him. then i will go crazy. just warning you. Doctor who is my favorite show ever i cannot express how much i love it. I would do it with david tennant. Not quite the new guy though...although sometimes he is quite cute eh? :) who. (thumbsupthingy)
im in the middle of learning blackbird on guitar...theres this really good vid on youtube thats perfectly can learn it in just a week. if youre pro not like me, you could probably learn it im under an hour. ummm his name is maclennonstarr. hard to remember, i know, but just break it down. mac lennon starr. im also in the middle of writing my own song for free the children on guitar. its going to be on youtube. and theres gonna be a pledge sheet that you wouldd download and donate to free the children. you so would, amirite?
right now i have no idea what i want to be when im older. im kind of all over the place. if i ever get better at guitar/pro, i might become a musician. if not im into astronomy because of my dad, history, idk maybe a lawyer? ooohhh or an activist!!! yeah totally an activist. i love free the children. look them up bro.
iiii dont know what else to sayyy...
Think im cool? Message me up. Ill usually respond.
IDC I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER I DONT GIVE A *$@! what you think...hes hot annnd...listen to his song pray. not about girls, but about saving the world from poverty, helping ppl in africa, and people with illnesses. watch the music vid. hes my hero.

old usernames

_iwantabearhug_ - cheesy i know. inside joke. dont say anything. i changed it within a sec.
mitchell-my kitkats name. not an actual kitkat, my cat.