If there's a song on the radio that you really don't like, you should be able to call them and tell them to change it. Then, if they get a certain amount of callers telling them to change it before it's halfway over, they change it. Amirite?

Thanks for all the supportive comments guys :)

It would be cool if they made all the flavors of pop without the fizz. I don't mean like grape soda, because that would just be grape juice, but like rootbeer or coke, amirite?
Sometimes, tears just randomly form in your eyes, and you don't know why, amirite?
@Emo. You just don't know it yet.

Jeez I hope not...I thought that happened to everyone else too. Lol

It sucks that AT&T internet charges 25.00 for 1.5Mbps and you only get half that speed so you downgrade to 762Kbps for 20.00 and then only get half that speed. amirite?
Chuck Norris knows the last number of pi, amirite?
@Bear_Sheba You spelt faggot wrong.

If they're trying to offend someone, they should at least learn to spell.

Si'l vous plait ma cherie allez tobez la chemise (: amirite?

It probably says something like "It's fun to talk in other languages" in a different languages. I'm just to lazy to figure it out :P

i've never understood the saying "cool beans," what is so cool about beans, amirite?
Isn't it weird how a lot of poor people, who live in trailors, and have barely enough money to buy clothes, have flat screen TVs, amirite?
Chuck Norris knows the last number of pi, amirite?
@Bear_Sheba I don't even know who they're trying to offend...

Chuck Norris I'm guessing. Or maybe me, since I'm the original poster. Hey, aren't you a mod? You should get rid of that wonderful post for me. :).

The popcorn button on a microwave never gives you the right amount of popping; the popcorn is either burnt, or there's a ton of kernels at the bottom, amirite?
It is totally cool that when you write go on like this go
on because it's the same horizontally and vertically. Amirite?

I don't get it...can someone explain?

Chuck Norris knows the last number of pi, amirite?
No matter what they say on TV, warm milk before bed is disgusting, amirite?
@oink They say this on tv? O.o

Like on some shows, the little kids ask for warm milk before they go to bed. Like Full House.

You know you're a loser if you have more than 20 nukes in Call of Duty, amirite?
@RiddlesAreHard Are you fucking retarded? If you are a person you should know what the fuck a nuke is. Because the US used a...

Was it really necessary to say the f word every other word? You don't look any smarter. You just look like an idiot.

Those free xbox posts are annoying, and are probably not even free, amirite?

Well you gotta trust Anthony.