Chewy cookies are WAY better than crispy ones, amirite?
The day that I dread the most is when I need to act out brushing my teeth in a game of charades, amirite?
@Act it out

I did. I probably look really stupid right now since I don't know what it means lawl.

No matter what they say on TV, warm milk before bed is disgusting, amirite?
@yeah it is :p but i like it just warm, not hot oh whatever, i guess it's the same thing.

(3.14): But good point though lol. You should make a real account. Then you could keep track of your posts and comments easier, and it's free.

I would have like done the sound effects of eating cereal, and nothing to do with saying that it's the 100000th post.

Easter would be rubbish without chocolate, amirite?

Easter has nothing to do with candy, chocolate, or bunnies, but Jesus giving up his life so our sins could be forgiven.

Pizza tastes so much better with ranch, amirite?
Some people want to be a nonconformist, but they conform to the image of a nonformist, making them a conformist, amirite?
If the world didn't suck we'd all fall off, amirite?


Just because you're wearing shorts under your skirt, doesn't give you the right to randomly lift up your skirt in the middle of class... amirite?
Some food tastes better as left overs, amirite?

Like spaghetti! That's my favorite leftover food :)

it's funny to see people wearing their pants to their knees and you see they also weiring a belt, amirite?
@Dragon didn't know soz :

I think you forgot to finish the smiley at the end of that.

it's funny how people in horror movies are so fucking curious and follow scary shit, i mean stay the fuck out of it. No one does that in real life, amirite?

It wasn't necessary to cuss so much in this post. It just makes you look stupid.

the people in the "anti ageing" cream commercials arent even old enough to need to use them, amirite?

That means the creams are working.

There are moments when you just want to look at your parents and say "just shut the fuck up", amirite?

You must be pretty mean to your mom.

Justin Bieber. Puberty is going to hit him like a train. Then, hopefully, a train will hit him like a train. Amirite?