The day that I dread the most is when I need to act out brushing my teeth in a game of charades, amirite?
You are a female, amirite?

Well played, kind of like the one that was like "If you are a girl click blah blah blah, if you are a boy click blah blah blah", but you did it in actual amirite form. Well done.

Why does Disney Channel give girls boy names all of a sudden? I mean, come on, Alex, Charlie, Teddy, Sonny...are they trying to start a trend or something? Because it's not working, amirite?
@YoureARobot Who's Teddy?

On Good Luck Charlie it's the sister.

i dont like Anthony; owner of this site. he seems like a jerk, amirite?

He's fine with me. You know, he did, kinda, make this website. So, if you don't like him, you can, kinda, like, LEAVE.

It's okay that I don't have a microwave or dishwasher, amirite?
It's okay that I don't have a microwave or dishwasher, amirite?
@CookieMonster '@67851 my parents won't buy one. They "don't belive in microwaves" it's messed up, I know :)'

They don't believe in microwaves? Let me guess, it must have something to do with your religion. Jk lol.

Raw ground beef looks remarkably similar to brains, amirite?

Oh yes. I look at brains everyday, right before I go to bed. I know exactly what they look like. :)

Life would be a lot easier if we had relationship meters like in Sims, amirite?

Hi! I'm planning on getting Simms for my DS. Please give me your opinions on if I should get it, and if so, which one I should get. Thanks! Oh, and by the way, this is a wonderful post :)

It's okay that I don't have a microwave or dishwasher, amirite?
You sometimes wonder what keyboards in other countries look like, amirite?
You have to know what animal your animal cracker is before you eat it, amirite?
may the fourth be with you, amirite?
Rocket Power needs to go back on Nick. amirite?
@iamrite26 Any of them! Hey Arnold, Cat Dog, all those good ones, not lame ol' jimmy nuetron and stuff.

I see Jimmy Neutron every now and then on Disney West for me. I miss Hey Arnold, and especially the Amanda Show. I recently watched the Amanda Show on Youtube and it was so hilarious! A lot funnier than all these new shows like 'Fanboy and Chum Chum'. How stupid is that?

Some really crazy shit happens in the comments of a controversial post, amirite?

So, how bout dem Lakers?

Your mom makes a HUGE deal out of nothing, amirite?

I was on the Just In page, and at the top there's the thing you click for the Amirite? chat room. She said "I don't want you going on this website anymore, I didn't know it was a chat room and you aren't allowed to go on those." "Mom, that's just where you click to go to the chat room." "Well...ok. Just don't ever go on it".