When you run out of toilet paper, you use your hand, amirite?
On Wednesday, if someone you know says, "It's hump day!" you have sick thoughts about what they just meant before you realize what they meant, amirite?

My teacher says this every Wednesday and I always give him a weird look and he never gets it.

I'm a 14 year old girl, it's normal that I've only kissed eight guys, hugged 16, and had sex with ONLY 3, amirite?

You're counting the amount of hugs you give? What type of hugs are these?

If I posted a picture of Muhammad no one would know who it is, amirite?

Yeah that's the point. It's illegal to show Muhammad in public, so who really knows what he looks like?

There's no reason to spend $500 on a purse. amirite?

Yeah this girl in my class said her purse cost $700 when the teacher asked, and she sounded all proud saying how it's a real D&G purse and I was like. . I don't see anything special with that purse. It looks like any other purse, it carries your shit like any other purse, why the fuck would you pay $700 for it? Girls can be real idiots when it comes to purses.

If we all brushed our teeth after everytime we masturbated, we'd all have sparkling white teeth. amirite?

Do both at the same time? I don't want to brush my teeth with my cum.

On a day when you forgot to do your homework, and you're relieved because the teacher forgot to collect it, there is always that kid who goes "Aren't you gonna collect the homework?", amirite?
@I am that kid.

(erin_): I hate you.

No one makes comfort food like Mom, amirite?

My mom is a horrible cook so I don't really see what you're getting at.

Hi, I don't talk to you in real life, but I stalk you on facebook. Amirite?

One of the reasons why I don't have a pedobook haha.

Put a baseball uniform on Josef Stalin and you got Keith Hernandez, amirite?

I am NOT saying Keith Hernandez is a communist, I'm merely comparing their looks.

Men: If you were an attractive female you would probably be a gold-digger too, amirite?
if you have enemies, it means that you stood up for something, amirite?

Not necessarily. You could just be an asshole that everybody hates ya know.

If Haddaway doesn't know what love is then no one does! amirite?

Does nobody know who Haddaway is? Creator of the famous song "What is Love?". Come on people. .

Taco Bell is a complete disgrace to Mexican food. amirite?

If there's Mexicans in the kitchen, it's not a disgrace. :)

Men: If you were an attractive female you would probably be a gold-digger too, amirite?

Lol I'm not a woman. .