About me.

Hey, my name is Ciara. If you want to know stuff about me keep reading, because, you know, I can be cool.

I live in Oregon, which is the coolest state ever. Don't try to deny it because, really, you're just wrong. :)
I'm a Catholic, and super proud of it. if you have questions about my Religion even if it is offensive, go ahead and ask. I get it all the time, and I'll do my best to help you understand.
I was the shyest kid when I was younger and now...not even close.
I'm blond but not a dumb blond, most of the time.
I was born in Ireland but moved over to American when I was seven. I've lost my accent. :(
Contrary to popular belief it doesn't rain all the time in Oregon. The summers here are actually pretty dry.
I play water polo. (No, it does not involve horses.)
My dream guy is an Irish sheep farmer.
I play guitar, and I'm pretty bomb if I do say so myself. :)
I really, really want a good singing voice, but THATS not ever going to happen. ):
I SUCK at making decisions.
I'm majoring as an Ultrasound tech.
If coffee did not exist, mornings would be even more Hellish.
I want to move back to Ireland when I'm older.
I'm a bit of a drama queen.
If you need someone to talk to I'm a good listener.