we will never understand the relationship between different species with equal intelligent level (dogs and cats and other animals) until we find extraterrestrial life that have same level as humans, amirite?
'James May cock' is a much more SFW Google search than it sounds, amirite?
@JayTheDay Sorely disappointed by the results

I know, I know. I too was hoping he reared chickens

Grandparents will have cocktails and bump nostalgic music from The Chronic and Doggystyle not Sinatra or Patsy Cline. amirite?
Lollipops are literally just flavouring your own saliva with sugar and drinking it, amirite?
It is theoretically possible for the corona virus to completely wipe out humanity, only to continue evolving over the next billion years into multicellular life, more and more complex until it has become the next conscious advanced life form on earth. amirite?
Bromance is the purest act of love. amirite?

What about letting the other person eat the last bite of what you're sharing

Hair doesn't weigh anything until after it's dead. amirite?
When you think about it, every person is in a different time zone. amirite?

Even weirder since time is relative, and alters based on your speed... Everyone is existing at their own time rate...

Genetic engineering could solve the overpopulation problem by extending the time it takes for babies to develop. amirite?

Imagine the poor women who have to be pregnant for 8 years each time. That would suck.

A person urinates 7 times a day on average. With 7.53 billion people worldwide, there are an average of 36.5 million people urinating every minute. amirite?

What's the poop stats?

Does it really count as suffering if it's all self-inflicted?

Luke Skywalker was probably such a good jedi because there weren't as much people taking up bandwidth in the force. amirite?
@That's why the Sith reduced their numbers to only two. That's canon (or was), but I don't remember where's at...

Wow really? I was half joking when I said it and didn't expect it to be true let alone Canon.

There's no anxiety like shaving your ball sack with a razor, amirite?

Shave. Slowly. Bruh.

Water tastes better when slurped straight from the tap. amirite?

Water tastes better when it is sprayed from a spritzer

There's a high chance some of the cash in your wallet was spent on meth before it got to you. amirite?

That probability is even higher if you're a meth dealer.