limbo is the only sport where people see who can se the bar the lowest, amirite?

Yeah, when I hear people talk about "raising the bar", I always wonder if they've ever heard of limbo.

It's disgusting when you watch a gif recipe or just someone making food and they take a bite out of it. amirite?

There's nothing disgusting about eating lol enjoy yourself and lighten up

All public restrooms should have foot stools, amirite?

I have never had to use a squatty potty. That being said, it sounds like you can benefit from adding more fiber and water into your diet

Counting five seconds, starting with one and finishing at five, is four seconds, amirite?
My Chemical Romance is one of the best rock bands ever. amirite?

You are indeed correct, that is a very unpopular opinion.

Describing their albums in the same way you would a stool (either kind) doesn't exactly scream best rock band ever.

Law enforcement doesn't really work without the threat of violence, amirite?

I was literally assaulted by an office for a sucide attempt 4 days ago, no police do not need threats they need to be abolished.

There should only be one sports competition for all people, amirite?

Man I love adderall.

The Witcher 3 is not really fun.. amirite?

I really wanted to enjoy the Witcher 3. Love the open world, the lore, etc. But I wanted to focus on the story and I kept hitting plateaus that could only be overcome by doing sidequests. Some of them are fun, but others are just boring.

Ideally I could just play through the story and then go back and do side stuff for fun.

Pillows shouldn't be slept with, amirite?

what kind of pillows do you use. i use one and it supports my head and neck keeping it straight

I love the song "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey, amirite?

The song is only hated for how overused it is.

It's neither better nor worse than any other popular song.

A toilet seat's resting position, amirite?
People who own snakes,feed them live rodents and feel no remorse are sick in the head, amirite?
@Mrtechnohawk Odds are you yourself pay people to kill animals for you. (and usually to make them suffer) And in contrast to...

I mostly eat meat from our family farm which I can say my family takes utmost best care of the animals to ensure their well being, at least before death which is painless unlike the big markets, but yeah I understand your point of view

Cards Against Humanity isn‘t funny, amirite?

Yeah the forced jokes arent funny for me. Maybe we already make these kind of jokes in my group?

I think empty compliments do as much damage to body image issues as social media does. amirite?
@Mytokhondria Why would someone say that to you unprompted though? I mean, are you asking them and that's how they respond? Or do...

Most of the times it's just in dms but every now and then some people would just say it to my face unprompted.

It's interesting how conspiracy theorist us numerology of 666 to prove something is evil, but don't use numerology of 777 to prove something is good. amirite?

Take the ENGLISH alphabet and using the perfect number 6 assign values as such; A = 6, B = 12, C = 18, etc. Hint it's easier just to multiply letter position by 6. So CAT would be 3 + 1 + 20 = 24 and 24 x 6 = 144 so CAT has the value 144. I realize I probably just lost half of you. Math and all.

So using that system do the words JESUS, JOSHUA, JEWISH, MESSIAH, GOSPEL, CROSS, and LUCIFER.

That is the real number to be watching out for.