Counting five seconds, starting with one and finishing at five, is four seconds, amirite?
There should only be one sports competition for all people, amirite?

Man I love adderall.

I love the song "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey, amirite?

The song is only hated for how overused it is.

It's neither better nor worse than any other popular song.

A toilet seat's resting position, amirite?
People who own snakes,feed them live rodents and feel no remorse are sick in the head, amirite?
@Mrtechnohawk Odds are you yourself pay people to kill animals for you. (and usually to make them suffer) And in contrast to...

I mostly eat meat from our family farm which I can say my family takes utmost best care of the animals to ensure their well being, at least before death which is painless unlike the big markets, but yeah I understand your point of view

I think empty compliments do as much damage to body image issues as social media does. amirite?
@Mytokhondria Why would someone say that to you unprompted though? I mean, are you asking them and that's how they respond? Or do...

Most of the times it's just in dms but every now and then some people would just say it to my face unprompted.

American football should be called soccer, amirite?
@Mytokhondria Yeah, Fußball, not football, because it's German, fútbol in Spanish, футбольный in Russian. Shock of...

So it's called "foot" "ball" in pretty much every language except English, and within English speaking world it's really only Americans who call it soccer, because we call something else football.

Go anywhere outside the US and yeah you'll occasionally hear soccer, but for the most part the sports are called Football and American Football.

Tons more people will own a telescope and get into astronomy when everything finally runs on clean energy and the skies clear up in cities. Lovely night skies everywhere. amirite?

The problem with telescopes in cities is more about light pollution than air pollution. You've got to turn off the lights, not clean up the air.

Lil peep and his music is harmful, amirite?
Optimism is incredibly oppressive. amirite?

This whole mindset is depressing, but I'd like to say that Trad goths aren't depressed. That's emo highschoolers. Goths just find beauty in the dark and spooky.

If you use Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc...You have no reason to complain about their service fees, amirite?
Every Addams Family filmic endeavor should, must be in black and white... amirite?

I'd like it if the actors specifically in the Family were done in black and white, through some sort of filter, and the rest of the world is color. It better captures their contrast to those around them.

Cucumber Gatorade is the best flavor, amirite?

Yes! The cucumber lime Gatorade is so soooo so good. I believe it's also labeled as limón/pepino in Spanish.

Law enforcement doesn't really work without the threat of violence, amirite?

I was literally assaulted by an office for a sucide attempt 4 days ago, no police do not need threats they need to be abolished.

As a first, executives' salaries should be cut instead of firing people, amirite?
@Pmbuttpics4adrawing Second, they get paid that much for a reason. Imagine thinking the people who decide their own pay are all...

Well to be fair it's not entirely wrong. Just imagine if everyone's salaries got made public for every worker for every job in the US. It would make bargin power so much stronger to compare your salary to the actual market.

That's one of the main reasons CEO's get paid so much. Very few of them and all salaries are competitive, or they could go run another company for more.