You're gonna be 'Up All Night' listening to One Direction's new album, amirite?
Behind every "who cares" there's a little voice inside you that says "I do". Amirite?

Am I on a thirteen year old girl's Facebook timeline or am I on amirite?

You have at least one weird habit, amirite?

Crying in front of my laptop.

You hate it when people disrespect you for your prejudicial orientation, amirite?

"So what if I don't like anyone that isn't a rich white man?" - Mitt Romney

Once in a while you wish your eyes were a different color. But then remember how fucking sexy you are and realize it doesn't matter what color your eyes are, because you're fucking sexy, amirite?
"Mumford and Sons has no soul in their music" said no one, ever. Amirite?

I hate Mumford and Sons, ugh.

Exaggerations get really old. "I wanted to kill myself because it took her FOREVER to get out of the bathroom"...really? Because that's a horrible way to die, amirite?

I say that I'm going to kill myself for any minor inconvenience I come across, so I don't think exaggerations get old.

Australia must be pretty proud of Felix Baumgartner, amirite?

Oh no, I know Felix is Austrian, the joke is that some people mix up Australia and Austria.

I don't care what rednecks say, and I'm not really for gun control either, but it's not ok to call it self defense if your using a sniper rifle, and you really shouldn't go deer hunting with a .50 cal either. A sniper rifle is for one thing, and one thing only, amirite?

Who doesn't want to go hunting with a. 50 cal?

Texting is never as good as talking on the phone, amirite?

Texting > Talking on the phone.

10:00 pm is an incredibly early curfew for a 16-year-old during summer break, amirite?

And I thought being seventeen and having a midnight curfew was ridiculous...

Your neighbors are douchebags, amirite?

One of my neighbors is a cute guy I go to school with and let's just say I really enjoyed the view this summer...

You find it hard to compliment a guy because saying "You're cute" might be interpreted differently, "You're hot" sounds shallow and "You're handsome" just sounds too formal. Amirite?

"Wow I certainly wouldn't mind having sex with you."

Too many people in this world live loving themselves because they are oblivious of how awful they are, amirite?

Good thing I'm perf then.

Tumblr is full of surprises: "cute baby animal, hilarious gif... BOOBS", amirite?

My dash mainly consists of: text post, text post, cute boy, text post, and then hardcore gay porn out of nowhere.