When Hermione's true love left her, she continued on to help Harry defeat the most powerful wizard of all time. When Bella's true love left her, she curled up in the fetal position for four months, cried, and jumped off a cliff. amirite?

I hate how people try to rationalize the decisions made by fictional characters.

You know what's beautiful? Read the first word again. amirite?

I feel like I just read a 'deep' status from a thirteen year old girl on Facebook...

Firetrucks and ambulances would be much more effective if they were to replace that annoying siren with the song Move Bitch by Ludacris, amirite?

I approve of this.
By the way, this works great in crowded school hallways. y smilie

Let's just pretend Mean Girls 2 never happened, amirite?

It sucked because Tina Fey didn't write the screenplay.

When November hits, all the teenage girls start looking the same. Hollister sweatshirts. skinny jeans. Uggs. amirite?

I love how people start commenting about how they don't at Hollister, don't wear Uggs, etc.
No one really cares what the fuck you wear in place of what the post says. Not wearing those brands certainly does not make you better than people who do.

If you give a mouse a cookie, he will want a glass of milk. If you give a teenage boy a marker, he will draw a penis. Amirite?

A lot of girls would also draw a penis.

How can it be considered stealing when the WiFi signal is trespassing in my fucking house, amirite?

Could you repeat that? I didn't quite catch it the first eight times.

You wonder how the Obamas feel about not getting invited to the royal wedding, amirite?

I think maybe the royal family wasn't quite over the American Revolution...

If you were pregnant and found out your baby was going to have brown eyes, you would get an abortion. amirite?

Hell yes.
Brown eyes are disgusting.
I've been tempted to kill myself numerous times because of my brown eyes.
I wish my mother aborted me. ):

The least financially successful Harry Potter movie made $90 million more than the most successful Twilight movie. Take that, idiots who think Twilight is better! amirite?

People still care about which fucking series is better? ono smilie

Your high school textbooks/health class videos try way too hard to be multicultural, amirite?

It must be a law that all school text books MUST have a kid in a wheelchair.

Elementary School: YAY CRAYONS! Middle School: Crayons? What am I, 3? High School: HOLY SHIT, CRAYONS! amirite?

Finger painting > coloring

Guys who say, "Women belong in the kitchen," are single. Amirite?

Girls who can't take a joke are also single.

Regular News: President Obama saves Earth from giant meteor. Fox News: President Obama steals jobs from superheroes. amirite?

You mean Faux News?

Straight people: girls- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey so it's suck. guys- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey and your straight so it also sucks. amirite?

futer POTD