It drives you nuts when there's a line, like at the movie theater or grocery store, and some idiot stands like five feet back so you have to ask them "Are you in line?" Then, when they say "yes", you stand behind them all stressed out watching for people who are going to get in line in front of them because they don't realize they're in line, amirite?

This is why I just kill everyone in line. So much quicker, you know?

Dressing or acting in a certain say probably won't cause rape, but depending on the situation it may provoke said rapist.

Nothing's wrong with screamo music. In fact, it's quite under-appreciated. Amirite?

There's nothing wrong with it. I wouldn't call it unappreciated though. It has as much appreciation as it deserves. Those who don't like screamo aren't going to appreciate it and those who do like screamo will appreciate it. That's just how it works.

Only people with shitty video cameras and shaky hands can see UFOs, amirite?
No one understands how your brain works except for your best friend or significant other, amirite?

I don't even understand how my brain works.

using a brand new razor blade is an incredible feeling. amirite?

It kinda tickles a bit and feels nice.

You don't really like memes, amirite?

I like memes, but I feel there are certain websites where they belong and others where they don't.

Of all the Disney movies, Hercules is the least important. amirite?

Watch yourself. He put the glad in gladiator.

Italian is to Spanish as, I can't believe it's not butter it to Butter. It looks like Spanish, it sounds like Spanish, but it's not Spanish. amirite?

Yeah they are similar looking languages, but they sound completely different when spoken out loud.

Girls: You felt sexy the first time you didn't wear underwear on a date. amirite?

Yeah because I've totally been on a date before. foreveralone.jpg

Girls: You check out other girls butts. amirite?
Girls: You check out other girls butts. amirite?
@Thebloo2 I don't need someone telling me that this site isn't for me since it doesn't require age

Alright. I didn't want to start an argument and I'm not going to get into one. I really don't care all that much. Good day to you m'am.

Girls: You check out other girls butts. amirite?
We've all had those moments when an extremely attractive person says "hi" to you and you're all just like, "Is this some kind of sick joke?" amirite?
@Ram27 Yeah...

I feel like reading those comments sent me on an adventure through Amirite.

Girls: You check out other girls butts. amirite?
@Thebloo2 And why? It doesn't matter. Stop invading my life

How am I invading your life? This website has mature content for people of your age.