About me.

If you're going to read any part of my bio, let it be this-
Life is slowly passing you by, summer is just an example of that. So let me ask you something, did you accomplish something huge today or get a little closer to your goal, did you make someone's day, did you keep someone safe, did you make someone have a non-stop laughing fit, did you make someone feel good, did you make someone stop crying and smile, did you give someone a hug, did you make a difference to someone? So if you died tomorrow, you'd be okay with that? We only have our youth and youth is wasted on the young. It shouldn't be rushed, you have the whole rest of your life to be an adult. But its only socially exceptable to act like a kid for a few more years...
--that will be all, if you'd like--
I'm 17 years old and female. I play guitar [acoustic and electric] *if you play, message me, I love talking to fellow guitarists(:, flute (don't comment), and piano.I'm a dog-person (yes, I have one). I enjoy attention and conversation, so vvv use that box! I am a habitually scrupulous and candid human. I cherish making use of extravagant idiom that would be flabbergastingly perplex to imbiciles. If you needed a thesaurus to figure out that sentence, do us both a favor and don't listen to the sentence beginning with "I enjoy attention....". I spell words incorrectly sometimes, if I notice I fix it, if not, please don't correct me, I find that bothersome. I'm a congenial person, unless you piss me off(: Comedies are my type of movies. I like to bake/cook because I like to eat, and no one will cook for me otherwise. =/ Contrary to common assumption of I am not obese, in fact I will have a 6 pack in a few months(: Uhmm... I'm on here a lot, so I'll probably answer back quickly. Most people stop talking to me on here in the middle of convos... anyway! If you read that much, give me something to read.(:

-OH! And truuninja wanted me to inform everyone that I am in fact a dancer.