About me.

hi there, random person who's actually taking the time to read this bio, im julie :)
i really can't imagine why you'd want to know stuff about me, but in case you do, here you go:
1) I am terrified of ferrets.
2) im a 15 year old Canadian eh? ;)
3) regarding the above: i do in fact live in an igloo, ride a polar bear to school every day, eat nothing but maple syrup and have a pet beaver. just wanted to clarify that right now.
4) I've been dating my boyfriend for a year and am rather smitten.
5) even though this is a cliché thing to write on my bio: I adore harry potter.
6) I can speak English, French and (sort of) Spanish
7) my favorite animals are hippos.

ok I'm bored of coming up with things to say about me, so that's all you get.

if you're friendly, send me a message and we can become bffls :P (if you're an asshat, don't bother.)