The cutest thing in the world= little kids speaking French. amirite?

Not when you're an Anglophone living in a mostly French-speaking city already, then it's just really annoying.

It would be pretty weird if instead of laughing, people would simply say "laugh" to replace it according to the intensity of their laugh, like "laugh laugh laugh" or LAUGH LAUGGGGGGHHHH LAUGH LUAAAAGH", amirite?

I think that would actually be so much better than 'lol' and 'lmao'...

You've never actually seen someone wearing a t-shirt with the first letter of their name on the front of it like you see on kids in cartoons, amirite?

At American Apparel they have shirts with letters on the front, I've seen lots of people wearing the ones with the first letter of their name.

Its funny how teenage girls say they hate drama, and yet almost every single one gets involved in it on a frequent basis, amirite?

Sometimes it's not our choice to get involved in drama though. It's not like the average girl goes around saying, "Okay, I'm bored. Can't wait til one of my friends steals my boyfriend, another calls me a bitch for no reason, and two others force me to take sides in their fight!"

Students say that an 89 is the worst grade to receive on a test. That's funny. I always pictured 0 being a pretty bad grade, amirite?

Getting a 0 would be legendary!
The worst would be getting a 59 (at least in places where 60 is a pass)

Your boyfriends friends shouldn't hit on you, amirite?

I wish I could vote Yeah You Are to this like twenty seven times!

Holding hands is a bigger deal then kissing, amirite?

Sure if you mean it in the way that many people are promiscuous these days and don't take kissing that seriously, but will only hold hands with someone they truly like. But if you meant it in any other way, then no not really.

You have never used the word "manilla" to describe anything except a folder, amirite?

Never used it to describe a folder either....

Guys : Your girls boobs are the best pillows . amirite?

To the people saying it's painful: if they don't CRUSH their head down on them and it won't hurt...My boyfriend always uses my boobs as a pillow, I don't mind..

They should make a bed that is circular in shape with the sides slightly higher than the centre, that way when a person would roll in their sleep they'd just move along the rim instead of falling out of bed. Amirite?

What if you just roll into the center in a weird uncomfortable position?

Why do baseball players wear belts ? you would think with all the money they make they can afford to go to tailor or something. amirite?

That's not how pants work...

Kids who are gifted in the arts should be put in a special school right when they start schooling. That way, they won't get scolded for doing things they're very good at. (i.e. doodling/drawing) amirite?

K also, when you're like 5 years old starting school, you don't necessarily know that you are/will be artistically talented.