Drink perfume and your breath will always be perfect, amiwrong?

your trying to trick us there, with your amiwrong........ sneaky sneaky sneaky.

it's a scary thought that you're going grow old and starting enjoying things like butter pecan ice cream, amirite?

Everyone I know does....... How can a kris like me be so discriminated?!?

It's annoying when people use "unconsciously" instead of "subconsciously." (i.e. I unconsciously changed your mind) amirite?
@ItsBloodyBrilliant Oh gosh, I know. Like when someone says, "I unconciously glanced at her", oh really, like you were passed out yet...

Unconsciously is different from unconscious. Subconsciously and subconsciously are synonyms according to dictionary.com. So someone could say that and have it still be grammatically correct,

If you think about it, it's impossible to look upon a real circle, sure it's possible to see something that looks incredibly like a circle, for example a shape with 800 sides, but an actual shape where the perimeter is exactly pi times the width is impossible to give physical form to, amirite?

Well Isn't a circle infinite sides? ugg. my head hurts. You are right of course, but there is so much added to it. It's not possible to have a circle.

You really hate that this is going to be called Elizabeth Tower from now on, amirite?

That is correct. Bigben, the bell, will stay the same, butthe tower will be renamed, which I think is crazy. The tower was just called "clock tower" I still think it's crazy.

You really hate that this is going to be called Elizabeth Tower from now on, amirite?
@spareseconds I'm exaggerating gifted because if a person has experience with only gifted kids, how can he know what kind of...

For the last time, this is not a fact, so stop treating it like one. He's seen other kids handwriting. He works in a freaking school! His classrooms are borrowed from regular teachers. It's an observation and it may very well be totally and outrageously false! I already said it has absolutely no ground in the prior post, so we already agree on that. It seems we may be arguing for the same thing this entire time! There is zero evidence. It's just something he said he noticed.

Give yourself a hand. It's National Maturbation Month, amirite?

And this is a national holiday/month!?!?!?! Who approved this?!?!

I use mine for games. My teacher lets me play mario and stuff after tests!

Violas are the most underloved instrument in the orchestra. Amirite?

I was just about to say the same thing. Although I think that the bass, trombone, tuba, and all of the other loss brass or low sounding instruments are underloved.

A sheep was in the field and it just vanished. How can that be?

A wolf Ate it.

If you're the best in the world at something, you deserve a REAL gold medal, amirite?
@Emyleigh The bronze metal should be called "bull shit" because that is all that is in it.

Well, it doesn't matter how much it costs to make it, it's worth many many many times more. %98 percent of athletes that go to the Olympics would be very proud to get a bronze.

If you're the best in the world at something, you deserve a REAL gold medal, amirite?
@coasterkid besides, each gold medal already costs 6oo dollars or so to make. the bronze medal only cost 7 dollars!

That is very very true. And that is the reason there isn't more gold in a gold medal. London would be bankrupt.

Ok, so I'm a guy, and I've always been told that child birth and cramps are extremely painful. It's stupid to argue from one another that this hurts more. I don't know the pains of being a woman, just like most of the people arguing for woman are wrong about getting kicked in the balls. Usually it is insane pain for about 3 minutes, and then it has a deep lasting pain for about another hour, if it was a good hit. We don't know how one another feels in that sense, so shut up!

Sometimes it's actually nice to downvote a popular upvoted post or up vote a very downvoted post. It makes you feel more unique, amirite?
@MusicIsAGift Like now.

Ha! I was waiting for someone to say that.