Water is kinky cause it likes to choke you. amirite?
@Vindicare-jjl What do I not get here?

Wouldn't be worth the effort to explain.

Childhood is a free trial to the adult life, amirite?
Final Fantasy XXX has to be a porno, amirite?

HAS to? It already is if you know where to look.

If humanity started with two humans, then technically we are all inbred. amirite?

Except we evolved from other mammals of large populations so...

Burnt cheese is better than melted cheese. amirite?
You have most likely brushed your teeth with spiders web on your brush before, amirite?

I always clean it with some water before I put the toothpaste on

If human beings were nocturnal, stereotypical monsters would look very different. amirite?

Someone make art depictions pls

The Legend Of Zelda has very little to do with Zelda. amirite?

Mostly just the legend

because the density of Bruce banner will always stay the same, and he cannot add anymore, amirite?

The question then becomes "Is Bruce Hulk weight, or is Hulk Bruce weight?"

If you're left handed, you don't do much right.
@Skurlett And we're sinister.

Sucks being lefty sometimes though, doesn't it? Can't use spiral notebooks. Can't use erasable pens. Scissors are always a challenge. Computer mouse is backwards. Can't hit an inside breaking ball.

Blinking makes a noise. amirite?
One day you will be closer to your death date than to your birthdate and won't know what day. amirite?

Maybe we've past it already.

If you're left handed, you don't do much right.

...but you're in your right mind...

When you spill something on yourself, your standards for what makes an acceptable napkin are suddenly much lower than normal. amirite?

True. Same when someone pukes in your car.

The signing community really missed a trick by not having a single, global sign language, amirite?

As did every other type of language.