We can put a man on the moon, but there is still only one disgusting flavor of cough syrup? I mean really? amirite?

This is a repeat of my post

Corn mazes would be cooler if they were actually called maize mazes, amirite?

Corn mazes are always amaizing. But for some reason i always feel like someone is stalking me. The feeling is quite eery

We are all sinners and Jesus Christ died so we could spend eternity in heaven, amirite?

Everyone who doesn't believe that God exists should go to www.proofthatgodexists.org. Just check it out

Choosing to have an abortion instead of putting the baby up for adoption is like saying, "I don't want to give my baby away, so I think I'll just kill it." amirite?

you dont have a right to commit murder, last i checked

How is it that it's incredibly racist for white people to say the n-word yet black people throw it around all the time. Sounds like discrimination to me, amirite?

I was going to but new people would report/comment like crazy if I did

If you're prolife, then technically you should also be vegetarian, amirite?
@But if you're pro-life and not vegetarian, then you obviously think humans are superior to animals and that animal...

Quite frankly, animal lives arent as precious as human lives. Its been said before here that God created humans in his own image and put them on top, so obviously the lives of humans are more important

It's offensive that the very people who destroyed the Twin Towers and murdered thousands of Americans, now want to build a mosque on top of them, amirite?

You do realize that all throughout history Muslims have built mosques in cities as a sign of victory of the local people and government. For this reason I find it incredibly offensive

It must suck to get shot in the face with a shotgun and live, I mean, you experience the pain, you're confided to a hospital bed for probably a long time, you might have to pay a lot of money for your treatments, and you'll stand out from the rest of the world being disfigured, amirite?

You know, I think it would suck to get shot anywhere with a shotgun

Barack Obama is a terrible president, amirite?

You cant blame everything he does on Bush. Bush didnt create national healthcare or make a $700 something billion bailout

Saying you "don't believe in evolution" just makes you sound like an idiot. Evolution is a science. It is like saying you don't believe in biology. amirite?
Saying you "don't believe in evolution" just makes you sound like an idiot. Evolution is a science. It is like saying you don't believe in biology. amirite?

Everyone seems to hear evolution and think that its the change from one organism to another (apes to humans) when there are actually two types of evolution: microevolution and macroevolution. Macro is the idea that humans and all other life forms evolved from the same single celled organism. Microevolution is the idea that over time variation develops withing a species (breeds of dogs, Darwinian finches, etc.) Microevolution can and has been proven but macroevolution has not been proven and is nearly impossible to prove

Don't be a Richard, amirite?

A common nickname for Richard is Dick

Want to listen to bad music? There is a rapp for that, amirite?
@TheComedian i get it, but.. so?

Oh I don't really know it was just relevant so I thought I would put it out there

Nine years of searching, 140 000 troops deployed, $125 billion spent and still the Americans can't manage to find a man who lives in a cave. No wonder Batman was so successful. amirite?

One well aimed cruise missile would end this once and for all and would be much cheaper

Waking up is not just getting out of bed, it's a process that takes time, amirite?

Ironically, I don't even like coleslaw. It's just a childhood nickname