About me.

My name is Colette, except not really. 15, high school sophomore, blah de blah.
I tend to define myself more by the things I disapprove of than what I actually enjoy. Maybe that's unhealthy or wrong; I don't know. Maybe it's because I've finally reached that stage in my teenaged life where all of the mindless wonder and amazement of childhood is gone and we realize that the world's not only GONE to shit, but it's always BEEN shit. I hope I get over that soon.

I'm an atheist. That is not the same thing as a nihilist, so don't accuse me of having no emotions or ask me where I get my morals from. I will verbally tear you apart.

I watch shows like Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sherlock, And I enjoy them. But I am NOT A FANGIRL. I don't let these things affect every aspect of my life, as I've seen other people do. I find it pathetic and/or mentally ill.

Enneagram Type 5 (the Investigator) with a 4 wing (the Iconoclast). I find that these generally mean an assload more than astrological signs.

I have synesthesia. This is a kind of crossing of wires in your brain that causes your senses to overlap. For instance, when I feel, taste, hear, or smell something, I see colors or hear sounds. Letters and numbers have colors, textures, and genders. I am pretty artistic because of this; I can tell if a note on a piano is out of tune because it's the wrong color. But there are downsides as well: if I'm in a large crowd of people, I can't concentrate because of all the colors their voices are causing (and so I keep to myself, mostly, hiding in my room, safe within my womb, I touch no one and no one touches meee). I can't visit some colorful websites because they hurt my ears. Foods that taste bad anyway are so much worse because of the nasty sounds and colors that go along with them. When I was young I thought everybody saw things this way, but when I mentioned it people always rolled their eyes or looked at me funny, so I kept it to myself. I only recently told my friends about it, because it's kind of...shameful? I don't know why, but I'm self-conscious.

I used to think I was asexual.Then I realized that I'm not opposed to the idea of sex, but to romance.

Favorite subjects in school are biology, French, geometry, English. I'm really shit at history, dunno why. It makes sense in class, but I can't remember anything for the tests. I would be a straight A student if it weren't for history.

I have a tumblr, check it out if you want. Be warned, it's not very cohesive. toothlesspolecat.tumblr.com

Any questions, feel free to ask. But don't try to start a conversation for the sake of conversation. I will freak the fuck out with social anxiety and all you'll get from me is a blubbering, stuttering mess. Yes, I can stutter over the internet. It's possible. Au revoir, mes amis.