Cinnamon Toast Crunch Squares are cereal killers cereal killers serial killers. amirite?
The oldest sibling has never experienced having an older sibling, amirite?
Beer is liquid dough. amirite?

Or liquid carbohydrates

Even though Mr. Bean rarely talks in his own show, he still manages to communicate to everyone through his own actions, amirite?

Tbh, that's a good actor. I mean, he's not the best. But he's managed to do what most actors/actresses rarely can. He only used body language. Not many can do that.

One day you will die and a bunch of people will see your naked body, amirite?

This could be some kind of morbid motivation for some people

The mouth has hair grow around it because it too can be a sexual organ. amirite?
@FVCEGANG Depends on how loose or tight your definition of the term is. Or your mouth for that matter.

I know this isn't exactly a strict scientific discussion but it still bugs me because there's a very specific definition. Maybe my mouth is being a bit loose right now...

Super Bowl ads are the only time ads are acceptable and people actually want to watch them. amirite?

As someone who creates advertisements, I can't even stand them.

Pharmacy workers can also be known as drug dealers, amirite?

Someone was joking about this. They said illegal drug dealers are "undocumented pharmacists".

There is an exception to almost every rule. (ex. No killing, unless in self defense) amirite?

Rule 34 has no exception

Finding a numb part of you're is pretty easy considering you can't feel it, amirite?
A true leader has the ability of talking for hours without actually saying anything at all. amirite?

We have different definitions of a true leader.

Anyone living within the 4th dimension can be looking over us and we would never know, amirite?

Can you see within the 2nd dimension?

Even though you are not really speaking, the voice you hear in your head when thinking still requires you to use your tongue to speak, amirite?

I mean, automatically yeah. But it's possible to do it without.

We can never know how an animal truly see the world. Because we cannot know how the image from the eye is processed by the brain. amirite?
Stealing pearls from oysters is kinda messed up, amirite?

They're parasites