Do you guys ever helped anyone and always got treated like shit.

yeah...this is what happens when you are overly nice and too kind to people..they take you fo granted..take advantage of you....etc etc......

Is it okay to call your parents by their first names?

depends how old you are..usually,,,,,,it aint a prob..........but i wouldnt tollerate my child callin me by my first name least until has reached puberty and can be accepted in "the grown up's world" :P

College life is amazing, amirite?!

whats so amazing about it?! first time away from your family? if you concider sittin there scratching your ....reproductive organs, while leeching off your parent's money- yes-its its not. :D

Would you die for your country or live as a coward. I would die for my country.

well go to war just for the sake having the chance to shoot at people while they shooting at me ( hunting doesnt satisfy me.) but unfortunately they wont take me to the army due to the fact thet i got hep C...the taliban wouldnt be asking if i got a chronic decease or not would they?! hehehe

....What do you do...when you dont have cigarettes but you have ganja? :D
@fuzala you choose not to smoke the ganja

nah bull crap me smokes tobacco-less joints :D

Getting addicted to a person can be more dangerous than getting addicted to any other thing.

no it cant be more dangerous than some hard drug heavy addiction...but it can help you make an ass of yourself XD

If a class-A drug, such a cocaine or meth, became completely legal for one day, you still wouldn't take any, amirite?
@AtheisticMystic Cocaine and meth are schedule II, by the way. Much safer than LSD, ecstasy, or marijuana...clearly .

tho meth and methamphetamine based drugs (such as mdma aka xtc) are terrible on your body.... better do crack/cocaine and heroin but proper..not some chemical substitutes of the molecules you are after.

Could we use the internet to start the World Government... Without "them".

... nice thought.....

Filibusters: if you can't beat 'em or join 'em, bore them! Amirite?

..if you cant beat em..stab em in the leg a few times pce smilie

Do you still have a teddy bear?
Materialists and those who think humans evolved from animals are irrational.

...alright mrs/miss rational. tell us..plz how did it all happen? n why did you put hitler on the op pic?

Females are made to make males go crazy.
Females are made to make males go crazy.

meh.... it aint just the tits man.

Do you still have a teddy bear?
@purusharth95 no i never had one, coz it is a sign of weakness

wen you were a kid? you didnt have a stuffed toy?! bullshit!