What motivated you (not) to have babies?

..them things screaming and shoutin..not letting you sleep....on the other hamd when this bby grows up and starts nagging and wanting-ball breaker and in general-i see having a family (at this point-for me at least) as a drag down. financially and freedomwise. plus i aint ready for this shit.

Politics needs to stop being about the group.

..and about what? the individual?! XD

i wish i was born in the 80s so i could have my teengae years during the 90s XD

Muslims: It sucks when you're on Ramadan and all you can think about is food, amirite?

pffff fasting seems pointless to me. no matter of the religious reason for it. eat what you want to eat. and fuk this fasting crap.

The death of Obesity will come through education.

...and drugs XD

Thanks Miley Cyrus, my 6-year-old sister was talking about smoking a bong. I hate you. amirite?

ahahaah really?!cool troll smilie wait till she is 18 unless she starts smoking by herself xp smilie

what would planet earth be like if we had no privacy, whatsoever?

we wouldnt neep privacy then :P kinda nice

Green Buildings Don't Have to Cost More.

yeah..but "proper" XD green buildings do

What is your dream tattoo?
Nuclear energy is unsafe.

and agree and disagree. from what i know its fairlysafe. Failiures and or malfunctions are prone to happen.

Political parties should be banned in the United States of America.
Red apples taste better than green apples, amirite?

depends what flavour you r lookin for

What is your dream tattoo?

"dream" tattoo?! hah.....i got 3 graphical drawings and an oil painting that i have digitaly combined into one art piece. great ting with excellent concept (at least in my eyes). SHowing skies, clouds,sun rays through.... in the middle a tombstone *surrealistic tings, then by the waist its the earth as if it was cut.

Euthanasia is bad for society.

no it aint.... plus whats so bad about the youth-in-asia? :P

What IF planet earth was just : One color, one race, one nation, one religion, one language ?

eee and so...what?