happens to all of use regardless the gender

Ladies: What could your mama do better than you? Gentlemen: What could your dad do better than you?

honestly...i jwould say that my father is a way wothier...way more valuable,person than me

standard. every morning before work i catch twice tje weather forecast.

Do hairy legs gross you out?

,,,mine are as hairy as legs can get..used to cut them off - cant be bothered now. i actually like mi hairy legs :)

Atheists: even though you don't believe in it, you hope there is a heaven for all them religious folks

yeah it wouldbe nice

When you're a loser and a loner, money is all you care about at this point of your life, amirite?!

true dat. :D it gives a purpouce and a good goal to put your energy there is no one to distract you from this goal and/or leach off your finances and ruin your plans for the evening :D

Customer service is a challenging and rewarding job to have.

The voting poles show what i think.. and yes and no. It depends on the job you are doing and strictly on your personality. I think - the less people you deal with - the less chances of things going wrong and you breaking nerves. But in general we, humans, get the feeling of accomplishment and feel good when we help one another.

Why is it that most of the people I find interesting are the ones i do not get along and/or there is tension between?

hihi its possible, but i really doubt it :P

Environmentalism and Communism go hand in hand.

Why do you think so? Those two have got nothign to do with each other..other than the logic that the community needs to think of the environment. :)

Though I don't agree with it as a solution, I think suicide should be a person's choice and no one else's.
@VicZinc Combat! where you been dude?

Hey man :) how are you ..i have been fighting with life ;] ..nice to see that someone remembers.

Though I don't agree with it as a solution, I think suicide should be a person's choice and no one else's.

it would be murder otherwise.....or it will be the youth-in-asia's fault :P

Humans are wonderful creatures. The society we've built is amazing, and when you look at the next generation, you see that things will only get better, amirite?

better? i only see negativeness in the coming generations.

women got more rights than men. example..the other day i was walking past a school...they had PE class.... all the boys are jogging arround the school and all the girls are walking and talking to each other. and the teacher wasnt telling them anything... so the boys can run but the lil tarts cant?

Roses are dead Violets are dying Outside I'm smiling Inside I'm crying

fuqin awesome :D

that moment when you realize nothing good can last is devastating, amirite? should be used to it by now.