Do you have any good Ideas on picking up black girls?

Walk around a ghetto carrying a bucket of KFC.

Have you ever had your knob licked by an Asian girl?

Licking knobs helped pay my way through college.

A troll as a mod... this should be interesting.

What rights do men have that women don't?

There are none...

Why do we bury people six feet deep? Who came up with that distance? Why not four feet or ten feet?

Maybe it's the average frost line.

I've found proof that at one time there were Christian democrats!

Yeah, those democrats did a lot of praying back then. They were praying that they could find someone else to pick their cotton after the republicans freed their slaves.

Big government loving Atheist gets her license plate rejected by New Jersey big government!

This should sent a message to all of you lazy democrats who want your government to take care of you.


That's a very good question! The author of this poll couldn't tell the difference between a turd and a chocolate bar but he thinks he know if someones avatar and user name is real.


You're not the real JMP! I know the real JMP and you're not the real JMP! YOU'RE A FAKE AND A FRAUD!

If it wasn't for successful corporations providing you a paycheck what would you do for food and shelter?

I'd make and sell birdhouses.

Is 18 too old to be spanked?
Is raising fat kids child abuse?

I hate fat people.

Have you ever made a man cry?

Yeah, I beat up guys as a hobby.

Baked, fried or rotisserie?
Picnicking can be more trouble than it's worth, bugs, wind and other peoples kids... amirite?

You are so rite.