About me.

My name's Connor
I am in my 10th year of grade school.
I wouldn't call myself a socially awkward person but I'm just one of the few people under 18 in my hometown who thinks kids these days are just stupid.

So lets start off!

I like sports (obviously), friends, family, working on projects for Woodshop and Electronics (Building decks, boxes, tables and fixing electrical stuff like lamps, computers ect), math, science, music, BREAKING BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!, movies, Spike TV, YouTube, REDDIT!, Facebook, Memes and Sleeping in (fuck yeah!)

I dislike SWAG, YOLO, people who are dumb, people with no respect towards anybody, Smoking, drugs (Weed included (Sorry potheads)), spiders, when people try to prove me wrong even though I'm right (I know when they're wrong or right don't worry), waking up early, when people yell at me for no reason and when teachers are proven wrong and gives everyone detention (True Story)

Thats all I could come up with. If you read all that you are awesome :)