Classical music without lyrics playing in an empty room or a horror movie is way more terrifying then any other type of music, amirite?
Lying down is a skill 100% of people eventually master. amirite?

Insomnia enters the chat

someone probably bust a nut to 2 girls 1 cup, amirite?
DNA is made up of sugar, so it's just candy that "makes us who we are", amirite?
The stuff that you do see every day isn't interesting at all. amirite?

Maybe go see some interesting stuff then dawg

Elephants are actually the sexiest animal on the planet, amirite?

Never really wanted to plough my sausage into the back end of a Nellie. A deer or a meerkat on the other hand….

You can butterfly a steak, but you can't steak a butterfly. amirite?

Isn't that when you arrange them on a display with pins through them?

The blind are the easiest to purge, amirite?
@Milkzey Basileios II intensifies

Just leave 1 guy so they can return home

Millennials may end up being the first generation in over a century to have suffered a recession when entering the job market and then suffer a recession when starting a family. amirite?
@ElBurritoLuchador Hey just wait till your $1000.00 cheque comes!

Imagine having kids - this cheque would last about... a week.

Internet scams will decrease as time and time goes on because people will become used to it and be able to identify a scam, amirite?

Yeahhh, you're way overestimating the thinking capabilities of the mass population

Darts are a game where you practice yet another skill that guns made obsolete. amirite?

I feel like bullets would ruin the dart board

Some of you guys are happy accidents. amirite?
@Milkzey My father and sister claimed I was unexpected and never called it a "happy" accident. My mother said I was...

So you are like the extra guinea pig, you get because they are social creatures, and you can't only have one.

If a dolphin could flap on land at the speed of a toddler, the other dolphins would praise it the same way we praise Michael Phelps. amirite?

Same could be said bout humans in the ocean :(

Except for boat tech :)

When you smoke, you actually pay to get cancer. amirite?

Some people get cancer for free.

The T-REX only went 5km per hour meaning humans probably wouldn't be their dinner. amirite?

People are plenty afraid if snakes that don't even move that fast. I'm fairly sure they would be damn scary no matter their "normal" diet.