The US would be a lot better if it were more like Mexico, amirite?
@fuzala the culture in general stuff like the emphasis of la familia

I agree with you there. I think some cultural aspects would be nice.

I think that is just because I've been playing it longer so it's more natural to me.

The US would be a lot better if it were more like Mexico, amirite?
@fuzala I wonder why so many people disagreed I mean it doesn't say exactly like Mexico just more like it there are...

like how?
I'm sure there are some gems in Mexico, but when I think of Mexico all I think of are the terrible police force and drug cartels.

It's stupid that having panic attacks or social anxiety is a trend, amirite?

It is so incredibly annoying. It's like they want someone to comfort them like a John Green novel, but they don't realize that it is nothing like that. If kids think it is that cool to be anxious all the time, they can take my problems.

At the end of the day, all religions preach one thing: to be good people. Why is there so much argument on which religion is better? In fact, religion doesn't even make sense when you truly dissect it. We should all be able to go to Heaven as long as we are good people at heart

I can't speak for freespeech, but I believe in Purgatory. I think that agnostic would spend some time in there, and maybe the selfish guy too, and that they would eventually get to heaven. But in the end, it's all up to God.

You belong to and regularly attend some sort of religious institution, i.e a church, amirite?

Every Sunday. Even today actually, because it was a holy day of obligation.

Girls: You go crazy for a sharp dressed man, amirite?
A lot of people look like their name, amirite? Example: P1: "What's your name?" P2: "Mary" P1: "Yeah, you look like a Mary" Actually though, this person only started to look like a Mary after she told you her name, amirite?

Everyone always tells me that I look like a different name and I can never see any of them.

When you're feeling depressed, sometimes the worst thing to do is try to imagine a happier future because you are incapable of imagining feeling other than you are now, amirite?

Same. I have bad anxiety, and when I try to imagine a future, all I can think about is that I'll feel anxious even then, and its just depressing.

Let's imagine you are fan of a band, bought tickets for their concert in 2-3 months and they release their new album before... You sincerely hope that you will like it cause they'll be playing the new songs on the concert, amirite?

I bought One Direction tickets over a year before the concert and months before their second album came out. No regrets.

You put your iPod on shuffle but then skip through every song that comes up until you find something you actually want to listen to
@MusicIsAGift not if you have a playlist with only the awesome songs that you put on shuffle.

yeah, but the mood I'm in determines what i want listen too so I'd have to make a new one everyday haha

Girls: You go crazy for a sharp dressed man, amirite?
Girls: if you found out you were pregnant today, at your current age and in your current socioeconomic situation, you would probably get an abortion, amirite?

As much as I would hate being pregnant and what it would do to my life, I couldn't get an abortion. I would definitely not keep the baby though.

There is kind of a set standard for what makes a beautiful face, but it seems like the prettiest faces are those that have something unique or unconventional about them, amirite?

I always like the band member who doesn't look quite so typical ;)

You eat the cone when you finish your ice cream, amirite?

I have no idea why, but I see people even throw waffle cones away. Who the hell throws those away, they are delicious.