Girls: You go crazy for a sharp dressed man, amirite?
Nothing quite shows your respect for veterans than liking a photo on Facebook, amirite? You obviously slay cats on Sundays if you don't vote on this post.
@What I really hate is when people think not saying the pledge is un-American.

I just find it annoying when people expect things from this country but they still refuse to stand for it.

Babies have the most genuine laughter because you know they truly do find something funny and aren't just doing it to make you feel better, amirite?

Once, my little cousin got a stuffed fish for Christmas. I was sitting with her and a bunch of our relatives and she wasn't even paying attention to me, and because I was bored I just started twirling the fish around, and she just burst out in uncontrollable laughter. It was so cute.

It's pretty hard to fuck up a grilled cheese sandwich, amirite?
@LinksLegionaire You murdered him for screwing up lunch? That's a little harsh...

Lol, no! He passed away of natural causes. That just made me think of him.

Tacos are like penises. They can be both soft and hard, but the hard ones are usually better; the meatier, the better; and occasionally white stuff oozes out of them, which you then lick off. amirite?

I thought these comments would be filled with perverted things, but instead they were about whether or not actual tacos are good...

Guns aren't going anywhere. There is no reason to let emotions run wild and ban firearms. Israel has had no school shooting since it adopted a policy that arms teachers on school grounds almost 40 years ago. Thailand has had school shootings drop drastically since they employed the same policy eight years ago. Kennesaw, Georgia hasn't had a single homicide in 25 years since requiring every household to own a firearm. We need MORE guns in the hands of responsible citizens.

I also hate it when people say to only ban certain types of guns. A gun kills, no matter what kind it is.

It's pretty hard to fuck up a grilled cheese sandwich, amirite?

Haha, my grandpa made me one once and he forgot to flip it so one side was completely burnt and the other side wasn't cooked. May he rest in peace.

When you're sick, you think of all the great, wonderful, healthy things you're gonna do when you get better, amirite?
@maxterbation Sex. Sex. Sex.

Though it looks like you might be alone, maxterbate.

Not to be specific, but some music is just One Direction to hell, amirite?

I love them.

If a girl can admit that she's really smart/talented, then she's self confident. If a girl can admit that she's really attractive (even without being boastful), then she's a stuck up bitch, amirite?

I always hate how you're a bitch if you think you're pretty. I mean there are all these songs about how girls are cute because they are shy, but why does a girl have to be insecure to be cute? I think as long as you don't look down on other's looks, finding yourself pretty is okay.

It must be interesting to play a really minor role in a movie. It's like, "Guess what! I was in Star Wars: A New Hope! I played "The Dancing Fat Girl!" amirite?

This guy at my church was 'dancing pirate' in Pirates of the Carribean 2 and 3.

My teacher shouldn't be allowed to make it mandatory for his students to make a Twitter and follow him, amirite?

That's not as bad as my friend's math teacher, who wants their phone numbers! He texts them weird things like, "Roses are red, violets are blue, other kids have done their homework, why haven't you?" Isn't that creepy?!

In Harry Potter, if Voldemort had made his horcruxes like a grain of sand or a blade of grass, he would have truly been invincible, because there would be no way of knowing what to look for, amirite?

Unless it happened to be in a yard where the people had a basilisk as a pet.

I don't understand the social concept of your "Sweet 16" or your "Golden Birthday" it's not any different, just another year.

Due to how it is portrayed on television, I always assumed that my sixteenth birthday would be this huge party bash and I would get a car and it would be great.

More like a small get together with close friends and saving enough money to buy a used car.

Don't eat your breakfast!

Breakfast is fucking delicious.