All hair stylists are gay. amirite?

I hate it when people call everything "gay," because they have nothing better to say. Besides, how should you know, have you met every stylist? No, so don't discriminate.

You don't believe that half of the posts on is actually TRUE. I mean really, people can only be so stupid without actually being stupid. amirite?
You wish there was a school that took only the absolute best teachers of their subject from all the schools around to make one epic school so that you could not only enjoy school, but actually understand what the heck they're trying to teach, amirite?

Too bad it would cost a fortune to get it, and there would only be room for the most privileged people to get in.

What's so bad about looking at someone's Facebook wall? You like one status, and they start pulling the "CREEPER!!!" card. Didn't you put stuff on your Facebook page... so that people would look at it, amirite?

I hate that. If it's up there, then it's for everyone to see. In that case, wouldn't everyone be a stalker?

It's really awkward when you're just traveling to Paradise Falls in your balloon house and you find a little asian boy scout on your front porch, amirite?

totally, last time it was an indian. where the hell are they coming from?

All hair stylists are gay. amirite?
@Basic mathematics says that all hairstylists are gay. They've seen 4 hairstylists and they were gay, so 100% of...

That's only if they've only met four hairstylists before in their life, all of which are gay, which they never said. So, duh, mathematics, to you. -_-

People with dirt constantly under their fingernails are disgusting, amirite?
All hair stylists are gay. amirite?
Eddie Van Halen is the most overrated guitarist ever! Dont get me wrong, he's good but not great, amirite?

I'd love to see you playing guitar up against Van Halen.

With all of Green Day's songs about terrorism, you wonder how they haven't been arrested yet, amirite?

Not one of their songs are about terrorism, idiot

Someone needs to do something about gas prices, amirite?

The economy is a bitch.

All hair stylists are gay. amirite?

Okay, so you've met one, and you say all are gay? What good judgement.

All hair stylists are gay. amirite?

Oh, so now you change it to four? Ah, okay, so every person who is/was a hairstylist is gay, because you've met a WHOPPING four who are? Mmmm, perfect sense.

You love youtube and you know it, amirite?
@thenowayer I love it but I don't know it.

Oh yes so true. Clueless people of the world UNITE! :) theres a llama on your head.

You have to admit, most of the time you like the parodys of popular songs better than the actual song itself, amirite?