If a guy gets caught naked, he only has one thing to cover, but if it happens to a girl, we have to decide what we want to cover, amirite?
The Hunger Games has three books. 23 people die every year. There are 12 districts. The movie came out on 3-23-12. This is not a coincidence, amirite?


A one piece bathing suit automatically makes a chick 2 points less hot, amirite?
You freaked out when you realized you wouldn't be able to write your essay because Wikipedia was blocked. Then you realized you may have to face an eternity of unwritten essays, amirite?


Boys: in all reality you only tell girls they look better without any makeup so that they'll stop whining about how ugly they think they are, amirite?

Makeup can create a really natural look for females, which some guys tend to like. It helps enhance a certain feature on the females face. Now if it's too much makeup piled on, that's defiantly a different story.

Even if you aren't Catholic, Nicki Minaj's Grammy performance was still kind of offensive, amirite?

I loved how it was supposed to cause controversy when all I could notice was how fucking stupid she looked.

If you had to testify at your parents' divorce proceeding, and your mom said she'd never talk to you again if you testified for your dad, and your dad said he'd pay for all your college if you testified for him, you would testify for your dad, amirite?

If they both really loved you, they wouldn't be giving you options like that.

You hate it when your ball sac sticks to your inner thigh, amirite?

I'm a female and I hate when that happens

My brother ate an entire bag of waffles, an entire package of hot dogs and all the candy and cookies in the house in less than a day. That's horrifically disgusting and unhealthy he should nottt complain that he is 450 pounds (and five feet ten inches) amirite?

I didn't come here to see your brother's life story. Talk to someone that cares.

Losing your virginity at a younger age (teens, such as 14/15/16) doesn't make you any less of a person than someone who saves it for "the one" or for marriage. It doesn't make you immoral, dirty, or a "slut", either. As long as it was safe, and consensual, there is nothing wrong with it. amirite?

A lot of religions such as Christians find it offensive. Personally, I don't think it should matter and they shouldn't be judged for it.

You have a boyfriend/girlfriend, amirite?

Yep, he doesn't know it yet though.

It's funny how I can voluntarily work for free, but if someone pays me four bucks an hour for the same work, it's not legal anymore. amirite?
I should talk to my ex-boyfriend, amirite?

Talk to him immediately and ask him about marriage.

Why don't they just make a boat with some holes in the bottom of it. That way, if water gets into the boat than it would just wash out the holes, preventing the boat from sinking. amirite?

I love this kid.

My teacher shouldn't be allowed to make it mandatory for his students to make a Twitter and follow him, amirite?

At my school, the teacher could get in trouble for that. It's a strict policy and in no way can teachers communicate with others on websites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc.