Weird, twisted and unusual people are attractive, amirite?!

I raped a cat once hello smilie

When you brush your teeth in front of people, you feel like you can't go through your usual routine, amirite?
@What if two people are brushing their teeth and person a brushes their teeth for a long time because they think...

"Hey, what are you doing tonight?"

"Not much, just hanging out, brushing my teeth, and you?"

"Hanging out, brushing my teeth."



Silence. Also, teeth-brushing noises.

  • NEXT DAY *

"Hey, want an Oreo?"

"No thanks, I have plans tonight. I can't stay home and brush my teeth."

When you brush your teeth in front of people, you feel like you can't go through your usual routine, amirite?
@Soup Whenever I brush my teeth in front of people I brush for a lot longer than I normally would.

What if two people are brushing their teeth and person a brushes their teeth for a long time because they think person b is judging them but person b brushes their teeth for a long time because they think person a is judging them and the cycle never ends

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In most areas, women aren't allowed to be topless in public, but this is //not// a gender equality issue. Amirite?

I disagree. I do not want to see topless men either. It should be equal. No shirtlessness in public. It is a gender issue because it does not apply to men now. It should.

What has been here for millions of years but is only 1 month old?
@coolstory I don't know, it's all I got.

Well it seems it's the best answer anyone could come up with :)

Vegetarians should be able to live life without conflict! Amirite.
@Mike_Hawk It depends. Is there anything inherently wrong with eating meat? Some would say no, but I don't really see the need...

Its annoying how SOME vegetarians like to feel morally superior because they don't eat meat. Meanwhile they wear clothes made in sweatshops in China. Or jewelry that funds civil wars. Or eat fruit picked by wage slaves in a 3rd world country. Dont forget about all the deforestation that takes place to plant the crops we eat. Thousands of animals are left homeless or die just for your salad. You should think about that the next time you stand on your pedestal and preach about how meat eaters deserve to be criticized for our food choice. Also, humans are omnivores. Therefore there can be nothing morally wrong with doing something we are built to do.

What are peoples' opinions on make up? Why do you (or do you not) use it? How does it make you feel?

For me, it's like wearing a new piece of art, everyday, so you can showcase it to the world. It makes me feel grownup and more confident in the way I look. No, I don't need it at all. But I enjoy it. Its fun for me, and if it's not bringing much joy in your life, then you don't have to wear it. I guess it's like an aquired taste; baby steps first.
My mother always told me that it was to enhance your natural beauty, not to make yourself into something that your not. For me, it's like shaving your legs, combing your hair nicely, wearing flattering clothes etc. You totally do not have to do it, you just look a bit more put together, more clean.
As Becky from Full House said, "You want to make it look like you're not wearing any." Again, just enhancing your natural beauty. Putting on a slab of the rainbow is going to far in my opinion (unless your doing it for a costume or something).

Yes we scan, amirite?
@coolstory Watch this be the next POTD rofl. This is POTD material now a days.

Which one?: jolly smilie

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Twitter has a bird as logo, that's why when you join you're an egg. And your home button is a birdhouse. You write with a feather pen.

The name for the website Amirite comes from the expression 'Am I right?'. That's why users put it at the end of opinions.

How do you spell cow using fourteen letters of the alphabet?

Rosie O'Donnelle?

This site changed so much. There's hardly any funny or witty post and that blows.

It's not aimed at quirky, witty, or imaginative people who want a quick laugh or a site to say hi to a few people. It's now aimed at extremely opinionated people who don't have friends who are willing to listen to them, so they go here.

Plus with the mods changing things NO ONE ASKED TO BE CHANGED OR APPROVED OF, the level of active users heading toward single digits and the sections like "Famous thoughts" and "Questions" It's just not (or .com). Honestly, I want the name changed and for there to be an alternative to cater to the old audience. This is a site nearing journalism, not entertainment. At least not to me. This site hasn't even been daily for me like it used to. Now i just come back looking for new things to criticize.

It's a shame.

People who ditch their animals on the side of the road are disgusting, amirite?

At least you get a nice meal out of it

If you're going to kill yourself, before you do it you should photoshop yourself out of all the pictures you can, burn all your previous possessions, and hack and delete all files of yourself, and then drown yourself in the ocean where your body will never be found, so all your friends will be like "Hey, what happened to Steve? Did ... did Steve ever exist? Did we just imagine him?" Amirite?
I don't understand the opposition to the soda ban in NYC. Portion sizes have steadily increased in America for decades. Obesity and obesity related diseases have skyrocketed here in relation to that fact. But when someone steps in and attempts to remedy this that's an example of the government going too far? Come the fuck on Americans. Reducing portion sizes isn't the problem here. The fact that they ever even reached those sizes is the real atrocity, amirite?

What are you trying to prove? That people who drink soda are fat? ooh good job, you beat the stereotype. you must feel proud of yourself.

Your argument has so many flaws.

Everyone who supported slavery was free. Everyone who supports abortion is alive, amirite?


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