When boys act 'catty' like girls, it's really annoying. To be usually really straight-forward, then suddenly start hiding your feelings and beating around the bush is obnoxious. If we wanted you to act girls, we would just be friends with girls, amirite?

Yes, because obviously every guy in the world acts the same and tries to mold himself to your personal perception of what a man acts like.

It sucks when you want a bear hug, but it mauls you to death, amirite?

Story of my life. (cry2)

Sarc: Your second favorite kind of asm. Amirite?
It's annoying when people say today's society is fucked up. Sure, it might be a bit, but at least we don't segregate people like only about 50 or 60 years ago or kill women because they might be a witch like only a few hundred years ago. Society has only improved, sitting there talking about how fucked up society today is doesn't make you sound mature, cool, hipster, or anything except that you complain about something but do nothing to improve it, amirite?

Just because it's improved doesn't mean it still isn't bad. A pile of shit and a bigger pile of shit are still both piles of shit at the end of the day.

Rape murder swindling corruption, someone get me a dictionary, let's continue the list.

Saying society is better makes it seem like you're settling for anything less that the best, and that's why people complain, to remind people that we can't settle for what we've got right now, we've always got to try for the better.

I'm sorry by the way if my view seems a tad cynical, I'm like that.

The female equivilant of suck my dick should be suck my tits, amirite?
Used Cigarettes can look like a flaccid penis, amirite?

I'm 78% sure those are fingers.

if your first kiss is during "spin the bottle", it counts, amirite?
@Truuninja Can someone explain why they disagree? If the first time you had sex was during a game wherein you had sex, you'd...

If you kissed someone during spin the bottle, while you were in a relationship, have you cheated?

FDR's decision to join the war as a result of an attack on US soil was met with a positive reaction by the people. 9/11/2001 happens and Bush's subsequent decision to start a war was the beginning of everyone hating him for no reason. Everyone says they hate Bush but they don't really know why. He was probably one of the better presidents we've had since FDR, amirite?

This post reeks of ignorance. Of course there is a reason why Bush's popularity gradually fell. His approval topped out at 90% just after 9/11, started falling, conveniently rested at 51% in November 2004, before bottoming out in the 20s by the time he left office. Read his wikipedia article for an unbiased history of his Presidency and you can see why many consider him a poor President. He placed a ban on stem-cell research; handled Afghanistan poorly after the fall of the Taliban and allowed Bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora; invaded Iraq against the will of the U.N. and most Western nations on the false premise of weapons of mass destruction , and proceeded to draw out the conflict which subsequently caused a civil war; pushed through the PATRIOT Act, which widely expanded the power of the government to spy on its people; passed No Child Left Behind, which furthered the education gap between the U.S. and the Western world; botched the handling of Hurricane Katrina; passed detrimental tax cuts that erased the Clinton surplus and sent the debt skyrocketing; etc.

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There are the good people, then there's the bad people, then there's the ugly people, amirite?

They all look hideous.

It should be illegal for girls under thirteen to wear push-up/padded bras, amirite?
@B10ckH34d The girls themselves are the victims. They probably grow up to be more slutty that they would be, get a higher...

@B10ckH34d You know, I can't make up my mind about you. Half of your comments (that I've read) seem so intelligent, and then the other half is compiled of shit like this.

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Super villains with the power of mind control that are thwarted are the greatest failure of villains ever. All you need to do is control the hero and any of his friends that could assist him and congratulations you're unstoppable! amirite?

Practically every time a super villian has taken control of a superheroes mind, the hero regained his mind with encouragement and willpower. Even if you control their friend's mind, someone either gets out of it, no problem, and tells the others to or some random person can recognize the hero and be like, "Ey yo, that ain't you. You're a hero and shit."

If you work at McDonalds or another fast food chain It would be funny to put your uniform on one day and walk into a different one and just start working, Amirite?

I've done it. I got fired from both places..

It's slightly irritating when people refer to multiple Pokémon as "Pokémons", amirite?

Shut up nerd

It sucked watching Pirates of the Caribbean 4 without Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom even after you invited them over several times to watch it with you, amirite?