"Do you have a cell phone?" Translation: I want your number but I don't want to make this awkward..... amirite?

Can I please recieve the secret code that it in telephonically it'll pass me through to you which means it'll be your beautiful ass number?

The best part of Bill Nye the Science Guy was the theme song, amirite?

Well aren't you just a delicate little flower.

Caitlin is an awesome name, amirite?

My name is Caitlin...
Nice to know 13 other people agree it's a shitty name.

All those regualar gym go-ers must hate January, because for about 2-3 weeks the gym will be overcrowded with lazy over-weight people trying to keep their new year's resolution, amirite?
@Joe_Larson if i could, i would vote twice. this post is epic

I think you can vote again acually, if you sign out.

There's that one T.V. show that you claim is completely pointless, but you still watch it anyways, amirite?

Modern Family, The Office and Phineas and Ferb. hides

If Voldemort got laid, none of this shit would've happened! Amirite?

I'm about 80% sure he an Bellatrix got it on at least once. But obviously it was less then satisfactory.

At least once in your life you have sacrificed your comfort for an awesome Hide-and-seek spot, amirite?

And then you always have to pee...I once hid the tiny spot in between the chair and the table under a table. I literally was there for a good half hour until everyone started freaking out because they didn't know where I was.

You can not understand the true wrath of a duck until you have been bitten by one, amirite?

Once a goose and a duck teamed up to bite me. :(

"Team Jacob, BITCH." I could really care less about Twilight and teams but that was an epic ending to "Vampires Suck", amirite?

HAHA That was the best ending to any movie I have ever seen. xD

It's fun to tell kids on Halloween you have their favorite candy down your pants and they have to reach down to get it, amirite?

...Do you have Reese's? I will gladly come if Reese's are involved. :D

Instead of a half-day of school being from 8am-12pm, it should be from 11am-3pm so we don't have to wake up early. amirite?

What school do you go to? LOL.
My "half-days" are about 5hrs and 45mins. D:

You know stores think we are stupid when something that costs $40.00 is on sale for $39.99, amirite?

Once I saw an infomercial, and it said "Originally this product was the shocking price of $200, but we'll give it to you for the low low price of 4 payments of $49.99!"

Brotherly Love (Gred and Forge) is possibly the single most disturbing song to have stuck in your head, amirite?

looks up song
Oh my God. O_O

Monsters Inc. 2 is going to be like the amazing-ness of Toy Story 3 all over again. amirite?
Waking up and finding everything white from snow cheers you up, amirite?

It'd be especially awesome to us who don't get snow.