what color hair does buzz lightyear have, amirite?

I dunno about anyone else but he's totally seems like a dark blonde/light brown sort of dude to me.

People who can't swallow pills properly upset you, amirite?
@I don't know if that was serious, or just a total set up for a thats what she said joke..

I was serious, but after I posted it I was extremely tempted to reply to my own comment sating TWSS, but I didn't want to be that one weird kid who replies to themselves.

Putting in eye drops is actually really suspenseful. It's like, "Oh no... It's about to drop! Wait for it, wait for it.... AHHH!", amirite?

I usually pull my bottom lid out drop 2-3 drops in and then tilt my head back and blink. So much easier.

No matter how many times you've seen The Lion King, you still can't help wishing Mufasa would open his eyes, amirite?
People who can't swallow pills properly upset you, amirite?

I can do the tiny ones but that's it. I think what makes them so hard to swallow is because even if you have water it's not slippery so it's weird.

If you're from New England or somewhere else that gets nice and cold in the winter, you stop wearing a jacket once the temperature gets above freezing so you can embrace the warm weather, amirite?

I live in Southern California and when it gets in the 50-60's people are always saying "Damn it's so freaking cold!" I can't even imagine the weather you guys must deal with.

The Harry Potter/Toy Story/The Social Network/Twilight Mash-Up at the Oscars was pretty cool. amirite?
Justin Bieber is a pretty likable kid. He can make fun of himself, take a joke, make friends easily, sing, and he's funny. Honestly, what's not to like? amirite?

He doesn't deserve all the awards/fans/movie for using auto tune and relying on his looks for his music career, but I do agree that I respect him for being able to laugh and make fun of himself.

Chocolate tastes like poop and wax, amirite?
It'll be really awkward if you ever cross the street and a car suddenly honks you. Pissed that they honked as you had the right of way you flip the person off. Then you realize that person is your mother, amirite?

Both my mom and I would probably laugh.

There should be a contest where People compete how fast they can turn innocent words and thoughts into something dirty, amirite?

Adding "...if ya know what I mean" after anything works like a charm.

Anthony is amazing in bed, amirite?
Girls shouldn't be dressing like sluts when they can barely dress themselves, amirite?
@ClaireTheBozo Toddlers & Tiaras

Words can't describe how much I hate that show.

There's really no reason to hate Justin Bieber, amirite?

Personality wise I can't really judge because I don't know the kid, but I DO think he is undeserving of so much fame/a movie/so many awards. There are a lot of amazingly talented singers out there who don't rely on their looks for fame, and use autotune.

Monsters Inc. 2 is going to be like the amazing-ness of Toy Story 3 all over again. amirite?