About me.

Hello! My name is Amy, and if you're too stupid to notice, I'm actually not a llama.
My basics:
•I run track, play volleyball, and am also a basketball cheerleader. Yes, I know, cheerleading is stupid, but it's also really fun, and I get to spend time with my friends. Woot highschool.
•I play the saxophone and the flute, but my flute skills are limited.
•i'm Lutheran, and I dislike it when people blatantly insult other people's beliefs without trying to see the other side. It's perfectly fine to have other views, but we should try to have a little respect. I am sometimes guilty of not following this. I apologize.
•I'm pro choice.
•I'm for gay marriage & rights, because no one should be denied happiness, and quite frankly, its not bothering me.
•I like to think I'm republican, but I'm not sure.
•I've been on amirite for about two years now, but I was on for about 3 months prior just reading posts because I had no good thoughts for posts. And I still don't.
•I've been on amiwrong before, for this post: amirite.net/413299
•That's about it, kids.