What is your guilty pleasure?

The spice girls.

I think smoking is one of the nastiest habits a person can acquire. If only others would feel the same way, then we could do away with a lot of cancer and premature deaths.
When squirrels run in the road, nearly missing your car, it must be some kind of squirrel gang initiation. amirite?

So if they nearly miss your car...are they hitting it?

Just because I have a penis and you don't doesn't mean I have to be the one to kill that spider, amirite?

I don't get why people are afraid of & must kill small house spiders.

Christian Bale took the time to visit the victims of the Aurora shooting in hospital. Meanwhile, Atheist Bale is nowhere to be seen. This clearly proves Christians are better than Atheists, amirite?

I believe it's supposed to be a joke...

Musicians: When you are reasonably proficient with a certain instrument, it can be rather frustrating to have to start at the beginner level when you try to learn a new one, amirite?
@crazyllamas Yes! Saxophone...then flute /:

Going from flute to saxophon I feel would be extremely easy, try it! Well that's just my opinion with my experince with both instruments.

Poker Face is Lady Gaga's best song. She actually opens her mouth to sing and her music video isn't completely insane; it's actually very artistic compared with the rest of her music videos, amirite?
It's not "cool" or "cute" when you can see the pockets sticking out the bottom of girls' shorts, amirite?

Recently companies have been making the pockets way longer than normal pockets so they stick out, I find. It makes even acceptable-length shorts look trampier.

Sometimes you forget that Wyoming exists, amirite?

I've told people I'm from Montana and they've asked what state that's in. facepalm

Girls who put the word 'girl' in their username are just looking for attention, amirite?
Guys: you always wonder what girls do at sleepovers, amirite?
After a while, OCD people just get annoying, amirite?
@You caught us. That's it. We're just out to fuck with your life. It's not like it sucks to have OCD or anything. -_-

I didn't phrase this post well, I should have said "OCD" people, meaning people who just think they have OCD about everything.

Banana candy is better than real bananas, amirite?

Ew. I can't stand that fake banana flavor.

It's cool how song lyrics can be so beautiful, and yet a song without lyrics can be just as beautiful, amirite?

Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In the Sky.
8 minutes, 0 words.
Such a great song.

Sometimes, when you eat cold food, you don't get brain freeze- you get heart freeze, amirite?

I always get a back freeze...right in between my shoulder blades. I've never experienced a true brain freeze, I don't believe.