I am curious to know the average age of people on this site. If you are older than the current vote, vote it up. If you are younger, vote it down. This'll be a good experiment, amirite?

Well, I'm older than one, so up. haha.

My name is Paige Jones and my boyfriend's name is Steven Paige..we probably shouldn't get married, amirite?

A name shouldn't stop you from happiness...

Schools are banning the most ridiculous and petty things nowadays, amirite?
Guys: Proof that being kicked in the balls is more painful than childbirth. Several months after being kicked in the balls, a male does not say "I think i want another kick in the balls", amirite?

But you don't get a small, wonderful child to raise after a kick in the balls...in fact, if kicked too many times, you might not ever have that.../:

Who keeps buying these Kidz Bop CDs? amirite?

Over protective moms.

My Grandpa owns amirte should i be excited because i am now that their is an app, amirite?

Obvious troll is obvious.

It must suck to be at a public school, because public schools are too poor to afford Smart Boards, amirite?

My school is a public school and we have smartboards all over the place...so no.

You find it extremely awesome that CNN calculated how much it would cost to attend Hogwarts in actual money, amirite?
Guys: you always wonder what girls do at sleepovers, amirite?
You feel bad for the people whose horoscope sign is now Ophiuchus. "Hey, what's your sign?" "Oh, it's Ophiuchus, the new one." "What is that?" "Um, well... It's a half-naked old man... with a snake... in between his legs." "Oh.", amirite?
@My dad is that new sign.

Um, no. The new horoscopes only apply to people born after 2009.

If you're not American, the word "panties" is really creepy, amirite?

I'm American and it's still creepy...

How to create a religion: 1. Get high. 2. Go into a cave or a mountain. 3. Forget to bring munchies. 4. Get snowed in so you half starve. 5. Keep getting high; take a trip. 6. Wander out of your mountain cave and tell people about your trip. 5. You now have a holy place, an explanation of wonder, and absolutely no logic! You've got religion. Amirite?

Ignorant twat.

Schools are banning the most ridiculous and petty things nowadays, amirite?
I like turtles because they're so chill. They don't hurt anyone. They're just like, "Hey man, I want to swim, and maybe eat some lettuce. But I'm gonna take my time getting there, I'm not in a rush. Because I'm a turtle." amirite?

I don't see why this post is targeted in the war against reposts and stolen posts when there are 5000 other stolen
posts out there too...

Regular News: President Obama saves Earth from giant meteor. Fox News: President Obama steals jobs from superheroes. amirite?

I think that would be highly beneficial to all.