Follow the advice of those who loves you

Calm down with all the sappy deep posts.

It's kind of sad, knowing that amirite will have to face downfall just like all the other popular websites.. am I right?

Amirite isn't that popular.

30 Seconds to Mars is just generally a good band--not too heavy, good lyrics, etc. In like 15 years, they'll probably be what the Rolling Stones or the Beatles are today, amirite?

Comparing 30stm to the Rolling Stones or Beatles is like comparing shit to Godliness.

Sometimes you sit down and read a book from my childhood just for the nostalgia, amirite?

From your childhood, yeah your mom gave them to me.

Beleive it or not, some of us don't get scared when our toast pops up. We also hear a noise at night and don't think anything of it. And gasp we can stick our foot out from under the covers and not care about whether anything will eat it. Grow up, amirite?

I'd rather hang on to my childhood.

If you don't have timeline on Facebook, you feel like you're the last of a dying breed, amirite?

I got one to try it out thinking I could change it back. I was wrong.

It's cute when European boys and girls attempt to speak English. amirite?

Be more specific, 5 countries in Europe do speak English.

This site is amazing because it gives people a way to express their opinions worry free. So, it kind of ruins it when people post rude or mean comments for no reason. If you don't have an intelligent reply to a comment, shut up or go to a different site.

I remember getting in huge arguments with people in the comments in 2010. Now you just get banned. There are too many mods.

The people that live solely in the moment are often the ones without futures, amirite?

The ones that live solely in the future have no present.

Fellow Aliens: The humans will never be able to figure out our plans to take over the world because this post was not addressed to them, amirite?

You clever Bastard. Luckily for humans I am a Bad Ass, and I read things not directed towards me.

No matter what your belief, it's very disrespectful to laugh at a religion and call the people stupid and naive for believing in 'fairy tales'. Joking occasionally is fine because it's harmless, but trying to prove you're better and smarter than somebody because they believe in something you don't is rediculous. amirite?

To be honest I think that Religion (I have none) is a beautiful thing.

Guys: you don't actually like Harry Potter but you watch those movies just for Emma Watson, you would WRECK that chick, amirite?

I actualy like the movies

You hate it when someone hands you their cellphone claiming it's your dad, when CLEARLY it's a cellphone, amirite?

I also hate it when you take ideas from old SNL skits.

Before he learned he was a demigod, you wonder why Percy Jackson didn't realize something was up when he took showers and didn't get wet, amirite?

he didnt know he was a demigod therefore i sure hope he took showers

Gender shouldn't matter, amirite?

Honestly thats a good idea on paper, but putting girls in a place were guys have there dicks out (like a restroom) would not be the best idea. Also I dont think the person that wrote this would like to share a locker room with both sexes.