Even though we know the difference between 7 AM and 7 PM, we don't really know what the hell AM and PM stand for, amirite?

AM= ante meridiem
PM= post meridiem

Imagine if every time anyone made some kind of decision, like what route to take to school, the universe split into different dimensions. One with one route that s/he took, then a bunch of others based on other possible routes. There was a split for each and every little decision made by each person in the world, and there are infinite dimensions in existence now. There could be one where nazism rules, one where we are all just tribes of simple people, and many more, amirite?

the butterfly effect.

At least once in your life when you had a flip phone and terrorists bombed the earth and everyone died except you and one other person who had your number so they could call you, you were repeatedly opening and closing your phone at a point when you received a phone call, causing you to accidentally the entire call, and then that one person an heroed because they thought they were the only ones left and didn't want to live without you, then you were stuck on the earth foreveralone, so you wen... amirite?
It sucks when you lose your stuff at school like your pencils, pens and your life ambitions, amirite?

i bet this is gonna end up getting POTD.

Which one of these do you think is the biggest category of discrimination/oppression in your country at the present. Please comment explaining why, and please only use Other if you believe there is a category not mentioned, not if you "believe they're all equal" or something.

Sexuality in the US because like whenever something/someone announces that they are or support/are against non-straights, the media goes crazy and people start to hate or respect that person/thing instantly. Like Ellen Degeneres or Obama or chick-fil-a.

This is a good woman. Leftists must be silenced, modelling us after N Korea to silence all disagree-ers can be a good thing. amirite?

Do you just spam stuff like this all the time? I can't tell, because you have your profile set to private.

It's weird to think that 40,000 people still join MySpace every single day. Who are these people and what do they think they are doing? amirite?

the internet needs a social network for hipsters.

Whether you like current music or not, you have to admit it's often vulgar for no damn reason. For example, from the song Bedrock: "Maybe it's time to put this pussy on your sideburns". That's just gross and doesn't even make sense, amirite?

This only applies for about 95% of rap and related genres. Country almost never uses that kinda thing.

They should make a Disney version of Super Smash Bros Brawl, amirite?

do kingdom hearts characters count as Disney characters too?

You hate it when you are waiting for a text and then you get one, but it isn't from the person you wanted it to be from, amirite?

same with emails

It is sad that we do not have honest website to invest our hard earned money. It is a not funny , when one invests a reasonable amount of his/her hard earned money into a High Yield investment Program and just one knight, the website disappears. How would you fell , if you fall a victim of such circumstance. Do you advise that we continue this way or to proffer solution to this problem our webmasters have constituted?
Who is the best pony out of the mane 6?
Girls: Don't be insecure about the size of your breasts. Look on the bright side, at least people won't confuse them with mountains, amirite?

why do guys always have to be like this :(

It upsets you when a minority in your religion gets you stereotyped upon their actions. "Oh, you're muslim? You must be violent!" "Oh, you're christian? You must want to convert me!" "Oh, you're an atheist? You must be going to call me stupid and then give me a lecture on evolution!" "Oh, you're jew? Look! A penny!", amirite?
People should get special medals for handing out only Reese's and Butterfingers for Halloween, amirite?